Arcade Overlays


IMHO I wouldnt say its over protective. John.Merrit has clearly put a considerable amount of effort and a hell of a lot of time into creating these amazing bezels and hes kindly distributed them here. If he doesnt want to provide the original files hes well within his rights to do that.

I’m just glad these bezels exist, they are absolutely fantastic quality and add so much to the arcade experience.


Great looking artwork John! We appreciate you just sharing your personal love child. You shouldn’t have to share any of your original PSD.


You shouldn’t have to share any of your original PSD.

It’s not a matter of “have to”, just an honest question about if those resources are available to us. It seems they are not. Okay! That’s fine. I’m glad you shared your borders with the world, John, because they’re excellent. Thanks for making them.

As for the dirt, yes, it’s totally true to life. But that doesn’t mean I want to recreate that when I don’t have to. :slight_smile: It’s like with shader-based CRT simulation, when people chase a mythical “perfect CRT” with faultless geometry that never physically existed. I think that’s fine too. It’s all about our personal preferences, and one of the things I love about RetroArch is its ability to be so many things to so many people.

Any more thoughts on a border repository of some sort? It would be great just to have it for easier general retrieval, but if it also made it easier for the average user to access such content, even better.


286 I have a question, I’ve downloaded the .7z file and unzipped it in a usb flash memory for copy the files into Retropie. Where I can copy them? I need the full path, please.


303 I found a method:

I will try tonight.

Manual Install

MAME-2003 (roms - .zip) /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame-libretro

Per game config files (!eNIGyIrB!sgJf4lDXI-YO … 5nNf8Meqow /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame-libretro

Custom Arcade Bezel Shaders (davej)!uJ4CwYCZ!ID5QojWiefGa … elyePotfDM /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/shader/ (put folder in zip file above in here)

Arcade Bezel overlays (John.Merrit)!LNow1BgK!J6w4XTZ8YJvo … _ZQRpX9-XY /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/overlays/ (put folder in zip file above in here)

Curvature on the shader Remember, you can disable the curvature on the shader by editing /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/shader/arcade-bezel-shader/shaders/crt-pi.glsl /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/shader/arcade-bezel-shader/shaders/crt-pi-vertical.glsl

#define CURVATURE = Curvature ON //#define CURVATURE = Curvature OFF


Hi, guys, sorry for my bad english. I’m having a hard time trying to set the overlays in Windows 10. The shaders are causing extreme lag to the game, but if I set them through Retroarch’s GUI menu, they work properly (but without the overlay), so i don’t think it’s a video card issue. When I delete the blur shaders in the cgp file, the lag problem is solved, but the color is ruined. If I set a different shader in the cgp file, like crt-geom, there’s no lag, but in that case the screen doesn’t fit to the overlay (size and curvature). Is there something I am missing? How can I configure manually the screen size, position and curvature? Thank you very much.


I found realistic overlays for Paperboy and Marble Madness. They appear to be altered and for Mame on Windows. I noticed credit was given in the description. They’re not bad. Cool to see others are trying to continue what you guys started.


just created account for give thanks to this amazing work and i would like to know how install this in retroarch in windows 10 using emulationstation. i have gameboy working good with shaders but with mame making a config for each game i dont find the way. sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.


When I get some free time I will return to these and do a load more. I just got burned out and tired after spending nearly 3 months on tests and what works/what doesn’t.

At the moment I am back on REAL hardware and loving it, especially with modern storage.


[QUOTE=John.Merrit;47630]When I get some free time I will return to these and do a load more. I just got burned out and tired after spending nearly 3 months on tests and what works/what doesn’t.

At the moment I am back on REAL hardware and loving it, especially with modern storage.[/QUOTE]

Hello John.Merrit,

Sorry because i don’t speak english, but i have a problem with your overlays.

I have a Nvidia Shield TV and i use mame4android 0.139u1. I downloaded your overlays pack because they are the most realistic i’ve found. But the problem is that i need am archive called default.lay and in your pack are one archive .png and other .cfg but not an archive named default.lay.

Can you help me please?

Thank you very much.


Sorry I cannot help. I don’t have a Nvidia Shield TV, so I do not know how Retroarch works on that platform.

Perhaps somebody else with Android-based hardware can help ?


John Could you create a generic overlay for games in vertical shmups without the scratched glass ??? Thank you! :slight_smile:


ok, here you are.


Thank you kind as always…:slight_smile:

It would be able to do something with these images ??? ideal for those on a cabinet Thank you!


Hi John. Would you mind revisit one of your old crt overlays? I’m not thinking about the jvc but the other one with the wood frame.

If it’s possible to do a glare free version and one more with a little less sun glare?

This is my favorite one. Reminds me of my old luxor tv back in the 80’s. Playing Nintendo.


Could you post a picture of the TV overlay ? I have several wood frame ones and cannot remember which one(s) I posted.

satoso, I cannot take other user’s artwork and use it in my own. Do you just want a monitor image with a plain textured background ?


Sure. It was part of two zip files. The two name for the tv was

TV-43res_v1.png and Mitsubishi-TV.png

Do you have several more in the vintage looking Tv Overlays? Would also love some for Atari 2600, VideoPac, Odyssey 2 etc

Ok sorry sounded a little bit demanding there :slight_smile:


Ok, lets see what I can do.

Try this.

Just save it to a name you want. Hopefully the alpha channel survived.

I am working on individual machines with their own monitors, such as the Commodore 1084S for the C64.

Reflection is made up by me, just there for a bit of added realism, and will be removed as a alternative. It’s not as strong in Retroarch as it looks here, it’s more subtle.


Thank you these look great! To bad there is no god libretro core for vice yet…

Somehow i now miss the glass on the tv. I know nothing about photoshop so i dont know if its possible to make one with a glass screen but without the glare in the image.

As always great work and thank you :slight_smile:


Hello Jhon I’ll explain es however you like them my ideas … :slight_smile:

1-Create the “universal” overlay, like the photos I sent you, they seem real, for vertical and orrizontali games ideal for bartop and cabinet with glass clean with no scratches or make several variations.

Another idea would be to create an overlay, that adapt to the wonderful Analog Shader Pack version 3 :slight_smile:

3-Create tv overlay full-screen and PVM sont type this photo …

With a wonderful combination of your overlay and the Analog Shader Pack Version 3

finally it can avail play as if you were on a real Arcade Cabinet and a PVM !!!

Guys what you think! ???