Arcade Overlays


>>>I know nothing about photoshop so i dont know if its possible to make one with a glass screen but without the glare in the image.

The main problem with this is that the glass overlay has the reflection baked into it, so separating the two would be a real pain. Plus, you then have one major problem in that, Glass itself is transparent and to give the impression of a glass screen there has to be some indication that glass is present in the image - such as a light reflection or similar. The hardest part for me is getting the subtlety right. Too much and all you can see if reflection getting in the way of the game, too subtle and you lose the effect. The 1084S monitors above are at 100% transparency because the layers are just flattened without alpha, in Retroarch the alpha is around 45% so the reflection is only slightly visible.

I am lucky here because I own lots of real hardware. NES, SNES, Megadrive, C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari, etc… and lots of CRT monitors - Philips CM8833 Mark 1 and 2, Amstrad CTM644, JVC TV, Sony Trinitron CRT . So I can take photos of machines running on real hardware and observe characteristics like reflections, brightness, colour, etc… and then try and create that exact moment in Retroarch. What I would love to see is animated backdrops behind the emulated CRT, and the effects of the emulated CRT screen expanding outwards towards the edges of the TV - such as the flickering. I will have a play with the retro tv overlay and see what I can do.

satoso, I have no plans to create PVB/BVM monitors. There are not many quality, hi-res screens of these monitors on the internet, especially looking face-on.


I have one here that I took of my own PVM but it’s nothing to get excited about:


Hello Jhon I trust your opinion and your skills :slight_smile: Certain that the screen to the universal overlay arcade cabinet immagin there should be a minimum of reflections. I meant to do it as clean as possible without scratching … :slight_smile: for the PVM can be very nice :slight_smile: I think I would do a test …:wink: I think combined with Analog Shader Pack Version 3 would be great … Anyway what is lacking are monitor type vintage Comodorre 64 … I hope you can make the most of the good fortune to have Hardware 80/90 years! you are the best in this and I hope lots more you will create excellent overlay … Appearance novelty and see your new works … :slight_smile: Sorry for my bad English

Thank you!!!


Thank you for explaining this for me. Looking forward to see the results:)


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Here is a simple Arcade Generic Horizontal 4:3 monitor overlay. There are 2 versions, one with minimal reflection glass, and one without. I have tried to mimic a simple arcade monitor, mounted in a wooden cabinet, and with a dark wood background.


Thank you, you’re my hero!, Very nice

I hope you will do even somthing vertical and like the pictures I had sent you, I just can not try to do something with a friend who uses photoshop, it would be nice to adapt new overlay for Analog Shader Pack version 3, maybe calling them by the same name of shader :slight_smile: Also expect new full screen 1080p TV, dream of seeing even the PVM … :slight_smile:

Thanks Jhon your works are unique!


These look great John!



Would it be possible to make a new Old Tv Overlay with minimal reflection glass like the one above?


Here is a Retro TV for use with the Analogue Shaders Pack V3. I have kept a retro β€œwood” look throughout the overlay, to keep it simple and retro.


dang, that’s great.


Great John! Tested on the Megadrive but the image is bigger, comes out of the TV, how do I resize the image as your photos? Thank you!


Add these lines to your Sega Megadrive cfg

current_resolution_id = β€œ0” custom_viewport_width = β€œ1080” custom_viewport_height = β€œ820” custom_viewport_x = β€œ264” custom_viewport_y = β€œ142”

When running Retroarch, play around with those settings to get desired result. I only roughly centered the image. Hunterk, thanks for the comment.

Quick note. The Horizontal res of 1080 should have a height of 810, not 820, when trying for 4:3 resolution. I just used the extra 10 pixels to fill the virtual screen.


Here is another Retro TV v2, the Emerson.

This one can be used with full 100% opacity.

Use these lines to make sure the image is centre on the virtual TV

current_resolution_id = β€œ0” custom_viewport_width = β€œ1200” custom_viewport_height = β€œ872” custom_viewport_x = β€œ204” custom_viewport_y = β€œ106”

Here is v1 with FULL 100% opacity.


[I][B]Jhon Fantastic !!!

Can you create a generic overlay for vertical games similar to the generic horizontal cabinet overlay ???

And also a monitor to fit the shader 80s Super Bloom because the screen is tilted and RETRO TV can not be adapted.

Thank you![/B][/I]


A vertical overlay is on my to do list. And No, I will not do a monitor to fit your 80’s whatever. Not interested, no time.


John excuse my bad English, I mean on a screen inclined shaders for example what I told you … What other ideas do you have in mind?


Thank you John these look so authentic! Would you mind revisit this Overlay

and give it the same treatment as the ones you just posted?

Sorry I’m sold on that tv lol


Fantastic work John, it’s so life-like.


Ok, here is the vertical version using as much screen space as possible - 1080x810.

To center the image use the following in your MAME cfg.

custom_viewport_width = β€œ810” custom_viewport_height = β€œ1080” custom_viewport_x = β€œ556” custom_viewport_y = β€œ0”

>>>Fantastic work John, it’s so life-like.

Thanks to your wonderful shaders, they truly look awesome.

>>>Would you mind revisit this Overlay

I think the problem isn’t the reflection, it’s the fact that I forgot about the opacity levels and it’s at 100%. Will have a look later.