Are there any CRT shaders made to take advantage of 8K TVs yet?

When HDMI 2.1 makes its video card debut, I’d like to take advantage of it and display Retroarch on a 8K QLED TV @ 120hz w/black frame insertion. (or at least just 60hz)

Basically, I’m wondering if it would be worth it to go 8K QLED instead of 4K OLED ($)

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Royale and guest/-dr-venom both (among some others) scale to 8K nicely. However, 8K isn’t really necessary, exactly, except for shadowslotmask simulation. Aperture grille and slot shadow/dot mask are fine at 4K.


I think you meant to say “aperture grille and dotmask are fine at 4K”

Slotmask needs 8K for a realistic result.

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Just keep in mind that slotmask is around a 75% reduction in brightness (maxed out), BFI is a 50% reduction and scanlines another 50%. You need about 1600 nits to do it all, and not even the QLEDs can do that. On top of that, the special coating added to many of the Samsung QLEDs to help with off-angle viewing essentially washes out the subpixels, making it impossible to get accurate phosphor emulation (with the emulated phosphors displaying accurate RGB intensity values).

If you’re going for brightness, QLED is still your best bet, though.