Asrock deskmini a300


I’ve been trying for several days to get lakka to work on an asrock deskmini. I can get the installation process complete, bus the boot gets stuck on the lakka logo.

The specs are the asrock deskmini a300 mobo and an amd 2400g.

I’m trying the generic pc build on x86.

If someone could help me figure this out and test lakka.

Thanks for your time reading this

I do not think lakka 2.3.2 has the graphics driver for amd 2400G.

Thanks. Will have to wait then.

Best regards

Same happened to me with a 3400G.

As @tobyliu415 said, current stable does not include graphics drivers for these APUs, but nightly builds do.

At the time of writing, this is the last x86_64 build that is available:

Sadly it seems that the retroarch version included lags behind the stable release, but at least it works.