Assets all missing, how can I restore?

My assets are all missing. I can’t find any files in: /storage/assets /storage/.config/retroarch/assets

I don’t want to reinstall if I don’t have to… is there anywhere I can download them or some other way I can restore them?

I figured it out… almost. Still need some help. So in the settings tab there’s a Directory menu item. This contains on the mountpoints for everything. All mine are messed up. I’ve got a bunch of them fixed. I can now restore my savestates, load my games and playlists, but my PS3 controller doesn’t work.

Is there any documentation anywhere that tells you what all the default values should be? It’s a shame I can’t even just boot an ISO of this or something in a VM to view the defaults. Anyone that can spend a few minutes to either show me where the documentation is, or note down what their defaults are, would be a huge help! Thanks!

The default value for the assets directory is /tmp/assets :slight_smile:

LAKKA comes with all necessary files pre-installed and the paths are pre-configured.
So if you change them you can really screw up your config unless you know what you do :wink:

(/tmp/ is actually a placeholder/link to /usr/lib/* and /usr/share/* where the files are installed iirc)

The default paths (GUI: Settings -> Directory) are:

System/BIOS         /tmp/system
Downloads           /storage/roms/downloads
Assets              /tmp/assets
Dynamic Backgrounds <Default>
Thumbnails          /storage/thumbnails
File Browser        /storage/roms
Config              /storage/.config/retroarch/configs
Core                /tmp/cores
Core Info           /tmp/cores
Database            /tmp/database/rdb
Cursor              /tmp/database/cursors
Cheat File          /tmp/database/cht
Video Filter        /usr/share/video_filter
Audio Filter        /usr/share/audio_filter
Video Shader        /tmp/shaders
Recording Output    /storage/.config/retroarch/records
Recording Config    /storage/.config/retroarch/records_config
Overlay             /tmp/overlays
Screenshot          /storage/screenshots
Input Autoconfig    /tmp/joypad
Input Remapping     /storage/remapping
Playlist            /storage/playlists
Runtime Logs        <Default>
Savefile            /storage/savefile
Savestate           /storage/savestate
Cache               <None>
System Event Logs   /storage/.config/retroarch/logs

If you put files in the /storage/* folders they will have precedency to those in the /tmp/* folders


Just what I needed, thank you!

I don’t know what happened but I think my saves directory was reset somehow so in the process of troubleshooting I reset all settings in retroarch which really made things interesting and I learned a lot about how lakka was built lol. Only thing I was missing was this, so again, thank you!