Atari Lynx ROMs not showing up in playlist

I can scan the Atari Lynx ROMs, I can play them if I go through the Load Content > Select File and Detect Core, but the playlist itself won’t show up with the others. Any ideas?

Please read the sticky thread :wink:

I read that, but wasn’t entirely sure what it meant for me (being new to this and a lot of unfamiliar terminology can do that to someone). About all I could pull out of that was that I have “bad ROMs” but that seemed like too easy of an answer. And the post only seemed to suggest that I can check my ROMs somehow to see if they would work, but not what I could do to fix the issue.

It just means that our scanning is compatible with No-Intro ROMs for Atari Lynx and if you want them to show up in the scans, you’ll have to download ones from that set.

Note: scanning/playlists aren’t necessary to play the games. You can always just ‘load content and detect core’. The playlists are just there for convenience and to look nice.

Ahh, gotcha. Would I be able to create a playlist manually for these, then?

There are some scripts and utilities floating around the forum for playlist creation/management that don’t require specific ROMs.

there are ways to make the playlists manually as well. If you look at the formatting of one of your other playlist files it will basically give you the formatting that the system expects, from there you just need to know the name of the emulator that is used and you are pretty much set.

As I have not loaded any Lynx games I don’t know of the exact names and such so I will give you the basic layout. just make sure that you are using a program like Notepad++ (not Windows built in Notpad program) or a Text editor in Linux .

/storage/roms/(lynxgamefoldername)/gamefile.(romfile extension) Game Name /tmp/cores/(insert Lynx emulator used).so Name of Lynx emulator used DETECT (detect is used for when you don’t know the exact info to put in, useful for replacing ##########|crc) (Atari lynx name for playlist file).lpl

LOL that is actually what I was doing right now but ran into a problem and was going to come here and ask :).

I’ve got a playlist file open right now and am going to just put in two entries for testing before I try to fill it up. But the problem I’m running into is what to put in the /tmp/cores/(insert Lynx emulator used).so line. I’ve poked through the folders and couldn’t find a /tmp/cores folder, but I did just find a /cores folder. Are they the same thing? The /cores folder only shows two playstation cores right now.

So long story short, what would be the path and core name I’d need to use in this line for this playlist? I just need to know how to link to the core that lakka has since I can play these files just fine via Load Content > Select File and Detect Core. I’ve looked online a bit but can’t find anything about the path. The Load Core section shows me “Atari Lynx (Handy)”, which is a start, but it isn’t the path name.

Thanks for the help guys! To be honest, I’m having more fun figuring this out than playing the games LOL :).

I agree! for me is more fun to build my Lakka setup, investigating how to do it and solving the issues than playing the games, haha.

You can go to settings > directories and see what your ‘core dir’ is set to. Whatever it says is what you need to put in place of /tmp/cores/

All that I show for “Core Dir” is “/tmp/cores”. So I don’t need to specify a core file name here? Just “/tmp/cores” will do?


after you launch your game by the means of select file and detect core, you should be able to the lakka berry icon (first on the far left menu) go down to information and select core information, that should tell you what emulator is being used, as well as the core label and the system name.

This was created by the built in playlist generator. Apparently since there is only one emulator that is going to support the Lynx games in the system, it doesn’t matter what the name of the emulator is as you can just put DETECT in the place of where the emulator location is. Happy gaming.

What I was after was the core name, because I couldn’t find it. I’ll give the DETECT a shot.

The DETECT lines worked! Now to just create the rest of the playlist :).

database only has CRC for the noIntro, non-headered lynx roms. i’ve created a DAT with the Handy-lynx header to one of the database maintainers but it seems it hasnt been added yet.

Hi, I am having problems scanning my Atari Lynx No-Intro set.

I am using the Fulltitle dat: Atari - Lynx (20170903-222244)

It scans but no playlist is generated :confused:

Just to add, these are unheadered ROMs.

Are you absolutely sure these are unheadered? At the moment, I’m experiencing similar problems. The first thing I’ll look into is whether my roms are unheadered or not.

Hi, my ROMs are filtered using the DAT here You can use this to confirm your ROM set. You’ll also need to download the header file (the star on the right-hand side).

You’ll need clrmamepro to filter the files.