Atomiswave supported formats

My hardware is a Raspberry Pi 4 unit

  • Using Lakka 3.0 stable
  • Flycast core

I have atomiswave roms in the .zip format that works it has some .ic file extensions in it. But is there other formats that work? I’ve seen GDi.zips from a " Dreamcast Atomiswave Conversion Collection (WIP)" set but im skeptic of that format working on my RPi4.

According to the RA docs it should be supported but I have experienced formats for the Flycast core not work for a separate system of Sega Naomi.

Most of Atomiswave GDI files for Dreamcast are prepared for real hardware equipped with GDemu device, so I don’t think thiese GDIs will ever run under emulation. Probably you need direct Atomiswave dumps (i.e. .zip file from MAME collection together with CHD file)

I did have some zip format atomiswave games and they ran, maybe not 100% but they do run for the most part. For example this Metal Slug 6 rom “”

with its contents of .mrom .ic23 , .ic48 .fmem1 within the zip