B&W shader?

Back in the day, Atari 2600 and Commodore VIC 20 owners used B&W TV for their displays. I had the 10" RCA Sportable and my VIC looked crisp on it, especially for programming.

Whenever I crafted a new game in BASIC and later in machine language, I’d showcase it to the family on the living room Zenith 20" console color TV. Of course, the color was nice, but its bleed from the RF modulator made going back to the B&W “acceptable”. :nerd_face:

Is there a retro shader out there, or an option to run in grayscale?

You can tweak saturation to 0.0 on many shaders. And if you use guest advanced ntsc,in that case try ntsc color saturation instead of saturation (parameters).


B&W TVs also didn’t have masks (no reason to have one since there’s no need to separate the color beams), so be sure to disable those effects while you’re at it :wink:


I think HSM Megabezel shaders have specific monocolor & b&w settings


Ah, ok, I see some shaders have “Parameters” that can be modified from within the content Quick Menu.

As a working example, I found crt/tvout-tweaks.slangp that makes for a B&W display by changing its:

  • TV Color Levels Enable = 1
  • Chroma (l) Resolution = 0
  • Chroma (Q) Resolution = 0

Unfortunately on PI 400, this cuts fps in half, but seeing the effect was very encouraging to explore more – thanks for the tip! :nerd_face: