Banana pi m2 compatability

Will it work with a banana pi m2?


Hello, to support a new board like the bananapi m2, we need to own one. So if sombody send us a free sample, we will support it. (At least we will try our best to support it.)

Do you support Banana Pi M3?

I don’t have Bpi M2, but I think maybe can run with this image.

The construction from the side does not work really. None of the BPim3 folds. The LED is only red. If I can somehow provide more information, please write me.

How can I? I managed to build a libreelec 10 image for banana pi zero and I’m trying to build it to Lakka right now, but seeing differences between the two repos, I see a lot of patches for Allwinner boards at libreleec original repo than exists in Lakka.

I’m not experienced at building linux et al, but luckly I managed to build a working kodi image.

Anyway, I’m interested in sending you guys a free sample if I can’t build to BPi M2Z myself, so how can I send it to you if my build fails? If I’m suceeded to build, I’ll share my image and my build configurations, but I’m affraid that the updates and patches from original libreelec repo might break some boards at lakka. I don’t know, I’ll try my best.

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