Best CRT shader to use with integer scale off

For now I gave up with integer scale since I use a 1080p monitor and there are many variations of resolutions in some cores, resulting in bad scanlines. I tried some overlay scanlines and I found them surprisingly good with other shaders. So I’m wondering if there are a good CRT shader that works with integer scale turned off.

I use CRT-Royale Kurozumi edition and have zero issues, although mind you I am using a 16:10 monitor. For 16:9 monitors it might be different.

Take a look here: Crt-Royale Kurozumi Edition Help

My GPU can’t handle CRT-Royale Kurozumi besides, I don’t see anything special on that shader to be so heavy, for my eyes it’s just an ordinary scanline shader…

Crt-easymode is probably the least affected by non-integer scale. I think crt-hyllian is pretty decent at it, as well. Crt-geom is okay at it, too.

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CRT-Easymode-Halation. I only really notice uneven scanlines with that shader in certain solid colors like the blue sky in Green Hill Zone.

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That’s the problem, I don’t want uneven scanlines at all :smiley: Once you spot them you can’t pretend you haven’t. I think that for now I’ll stick with aperture grill overlay combined with shaders.


(and dotmask Off is better too)

Well if we are talking about CRT shader alone pretty much all of them are working correctly with “Integer Scale On/Off”. But if you try to combine them with some other shaders they all will crew up.

For instance any Anti-Aliasing shader + CRT-Lottes/Hyllian combination never looks identical.

CRT-Lottes comparison Integer Scale ON | OFF

crt cgwg looks the most like what a typical crt tv would look like imo.

It’s special because it’s the most realistic CRT shader I’ve ever seen in like 18 years of using emulators and filters/shaders. It’s not just lines going across the screen.

Do you recommend using the “Crt-geom-deluxe” shader for 1080p | 4: 3 | Integer Scale Off? If so, should I disable masks or other things?

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I’m looking for a CRT shader with curvature that works well at 1080p with integer scale off. I trying “Easymode” but this one did not convince me. I like “crt-aperture” but it has no curvature. ¿Is there way to add curvature to “CRT-aperture” shader? ¿maybe manually?

I saw that some people recommend the “crt-guest-dr-venom” shader for 1080p no integer scale. What settings should I make in case of using this shader? Should I change the mask? what parameters should i change?

I’m testing the “crt-guest-dr-venom” shader with the “integer scale off” , with “curvature activated” and “mask type 3” Here a screenshot:

Can curvature ruin the mask?


This one New CRT shader from Guest + CRT Guest Dr. Venom updates