Best GBC shaders?


While in the case of GB and GBA everything seems more or less clear, I haven’t found any definitive answers for Game Boy Color. Is lcd-cgwg on defaults just fine accuracy-wise?


Check this topic by Tatsuya; I found it to be great for the handhelds:

How I use it:


I really don’t care about borders, so unless gb-pass-5 is unrelated to those, these don’t seem to be useful for me.


Personally I use the same shader as Kondorito (and I use it the same way too). Love it.

But you could use one of the variants of the shader to get the screen without the border (as in “the border is outside the screen”).


You can also load up one of those console-border shaders and then go back into the shader menu, decrement the number of passes by one to remove the last pass and then hit ‘apply shader changes’. This will keep everything else but the border.

Good scanline shader for gameboy advance?

lcd-grid-v2 or lcd_cgwg_2 haven’t been ported to GLSL, so I can’t use it on Linux anyway.


Perhaps try retro/retro_v2.


You can use Cg shaders in Linux. You just need the nvidia-cg-toolkit installed (it’s enabled automatically if available at compile time). It’s only not available on ARM.

There are also slang shaders, if you have a vulkan-capable GPU/driver.


Looks good, thanks.

I’m also using KMS.


Ah, yeah, nvm. I’m going to sit down and hand convert a bunch of glsl shaders soon, so sit tight and I should have you covered on those that are missing.


It’s not like I made it clear really. Godspeed.


I think I like this for GBC, GBA, NGPC, and WSC. And DS games that work well with the Quick Switch single screen layout. It’s much cleaner than the LCD shaders and doesn’t darken the image too much: