Blargg's NTSC filter 320px version as a filter?

Is there a reason why the 320px wide version of the filter used in Genesis Plus GX can’t be made into a standalone video filter, so that we can use it with such systems as PC Engine, PSX etc?


After reading Blarrg’s page,

I would speculate that there might be system-specific aspects, the 256 px filter version in RA works for e.g. PC Engine and MSX, but maybe it doesn’t quite look how it’s supposed to be :thinking:

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Yeah it definitely doesn’t look right.

Is there some technical reason why the 320px version used in Genesis Plus GX wouldn’t work for PC Engine, MSX, PSX etc?

I took a quick stab at porting it over, but I think it’s going to be more complex than I’m prepared to handle.