Blastem Core?

Blastem is a genesis emulator in progress : This emulator is very accurate (it emulates vdp at “slot” level). The last version has very high compatibility and i found that a core for retroarch was started but never was released and hasn’t been upadted since long time :

Is there any plan about a core based on this emulator?


I don’t think another Genesis core would be very high priority at the moment, particularly one that’s confined to x86. The author (mask_of_destiny, I think…?) is doing great work, though, so if s/he wanted to do an upstream port using enygmata’s work as a base, we’d be happy to assist.

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So… i’m think is a importat step to integrate this emulator on retroarch. Is Fast, is Exact Megadrive emulation i’m look in this year !!! If dont bealive … look at this !

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Would love to see blastem in retroarch

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This thread gets a like just for introducing me to an emulator I hadn’t heard of before. Quite impressive from what I’ve seen of it so far. This would be a good one to have in Retroarch, though, perhaps once it’s a bit further along.

As far as the emulation goes, it’s very mature/accurate. Its UI is quite basic, but that’s not a problem for us :slight_smile:

The main reason it was low priority before was because it was based entirely on x86 dynarecs so it wasn’t portable to other architectures, despite being incredibly fast on x86. However, the author has been working on making interpreter cores (based on MAME, IIRC) that should be portable to other architectures and therefore a more attractive target for us.

Either way, it’s an awesome emu and the author is a good guy.


Did this core ever get a release in any form?

There has been works on it, but it’s behind the latest release.

Ok thanks, version 0.6.2 actually came out 2 days ago lol, would be awesome if this could be ported over to a core

Mask of Destiny has been working on it himself, actually. There were some recent changes that make it no longer compile but he said he’ll get it fixed up again soon.


It compiles for Linux now. Hopefully Windows soon.

The DF Retro video about the Analog Mega SG made me aware of that excellent emulator, so I’m eager to see it it Retroarch !

Yup, compiled beautifully for Linux today (comes up as 0.6.3-pre). Looks like a very solid WIP.

So happy to see the author supporting this from upstream!

Yeah i was also made aware of it from the Digital Foundry video, never even knew there was a cycle accurate Megadrive emulator

Nice to hear that the latest build is compliable for RA, sad that there is no windows version for the latest version yet though :frowning:

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I’m glad to see there’s been progress on this. I’d almost forgotten about it completely until the DF video hahaha. Funny that brought so many folks here.

Does this ‘only’ do base genesis, or does this extend to Sega CD support as well? I’m guessing 32X is a no go, but that’s not too surprising.

No CD/32x, though MoD plans to work on Sega CD soon™. 32x is aspirationally planned for sometime after that, apparently.

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Lmao love that - Well that’s good to hear, It’s pretty impressive thus far. Thanks hunterk.

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Added manual windows builds to the updater.


This is great, I know it’s fresh out of the oven but where’s the best place to report bugs on it?

e.g. C button doesn’t seem to be mapped at all, and resetting the core needs doing twice (first time seems to hang it). Other than that I’m loving it as a core already :smiley:

best should be upstream since its an active project, unless its specifically a libretro-port issue.