Bluetooth Controller 8bitdo SN30 Pro Issues

Does anybody know why my bluetooth controller is connecting then disconnecting

[CHG] Device E4:17:D8:52:79:7A Connected: yes

Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

[CHG] Device E4:17:D8:52:79:7A Connected: no

I’ve enabled everything as per - (

I’ve also updated lakka, or do you know where to find the logs, like the exact location in winscp?

Thank you all!!!

I think that guide is a bit out of date, I didn’t need any custom config with my SN30 Pro+, just set the controller to PS/macOS mode and pair normally.

I tried the Mac OS pairing Mode, it connects as “wireless controller” but It still doesn’t work wirelessly

Is there a command to update the bluetooth or an update command to fix this? I think I found this before but I can’t refind it