Bluetooth controller/usb fightstick setup issues

I am running lakka on rpi3. I have just purchased two knockoff shanwan ds3 controllers and connected both almost effortlessly via bluetooth. I am able to bind both and use both for multiplayer games at the same time. I have also just purchased a mayflash f300 wired usb fightstick. When used by itself it binds and works perfectly. However, if I plug in the fightstick and my wife connects one of the controllers as the second player, the controller will not function properly. Everything is still recognized by the system and the controller inputs are being picked up by the pi, but I can tell that instead of using the saved bindings, the bluetooth controller is trying to use the fightstick’s configuration. In other words, the A button on my fightstick is listed as button “1” and the R3 button on my controller is listed as button “1”. When the fightstick is plugged in, the controller’s R3 has the same effect as the fightstick’s A button. I also notice that both the controller and the fightstick are listed as (#1) in the input list.

Can anyone make sense of this issue? I realize it may be a problem with the clone controllers but they seem to work fine on their own. The obvious answer seems to be use genuine DS3 controllers but, I’m wary that the problem is with the fightstick.

I did some testing and some digging around forums last night and I believe I’ve determined that there is an issue with lakka using both usb and bluetooth simultaneously. I plugged in my fightstick and a usb dongle controller and everything was fine. Everything still works fine with bother bluetooth controllers activated together. But, when I combine both bluetooth and usb I get problems. Is this a known issue to anyone or am I off base with this assumption?

same, i have a mayflash arcade fighting stick, it works with other games but when i try marvel vs capcom it wont respond