Blur shader for N64 in 240p on CRT


I’ve got my pc hooked up to a CRT through RGB, using CRT emudriver, displaying in 240p. Would like to apply a little blur to Mupen64, but all the shaders I can find are to blurry (like the radius of a gaussian blur is to big).

Any idea if any of the available shaders can be adjusted to fit such a low resolution?

Have you tried image_adjustment or tvout(tweaks)?

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Tvouttweaks is the way to go. You can fine tune the amount of blur. It was specifically made for use on CRT’s.

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I use “aa-shader-4.0”. It’s in the antialiasing folder.

It applies some blur as you increase the antialiasing power. Depending on both the internal/external resolution you need to increase or decrease it. 3x looks nice to me. It looks like the blur+antialiasing of the real N64.