Boot directly to FAVORITES or any other playlist, possible?


I have just configured an arcade machine for my workplace, so workmates can play arcade games easily. However, they are not computer-oriented people (we are all firefighters) so I am trying to make it as easy and direct as possible.

Of course, Lakka was my OS of choice.

So, is it possible to configure Lakka so it boots directly to a playlist instead of having to move around the menu to go to one?


AFAIK, no. It always starts on the main menu. You can hide (almost?) everything in that menu, but it will always start on that tab.

Is there a chance that I can open a bounty so someone adds the function in the future?

Sure, it’s a fairly common request. However, we don’t really have a good way to handle bounties at the moment because bountysource is extremely unreliable these days. :frowning: