Box art/screenshoot etc



ive been playing around with box art etc within lakka. Did alittle digging to see what tools i could use to help and came across this little gem!

this could be extremely useful for making the art packs, especially using the mix option within this tool!



I am the Universal XML Scraper developper :wink:

If you want, I can try to create a Profil to scrape for lakka…

What I need :

An exemple of the configuration File (Like gamelist.xml on emulationstation) The path (where to put the configuration file, where to put downloaded picture) The “standard” Login and Password to connect in SSH

And all the stuff you want I add to UXS :wink:

Let me know if you are interested :wink:


Hi Screech, awesome! yes, please proceed.

I hope somebody from the Libreto team will provide the requested information.


I try to check in documentation where the “metadata” were … But I must say it’s not easy to found :stuck_out_tongue: (lot’s of “premade” metadata files…) (I haven’t Lakka :wink: I know, I must try :stuck_out_tongue: )

so, I don’t know if you need metadata or just MIXED picture ?


Hi Screech, you may want to post your question as an Issue on the github tracker:

I know that there is some work going on to automatically generate a list of all of the artwork that is missing from the libretro thumbnail repository. Maybe you could plug that list into your scraper, even.