Brightness on OGA

First of all, Lakka runs great on OGA (admittedly I’m using a clone), thank you guys!

But it’s stuck at 100% brightness, which is eye burning bright, I tried to modify /sys/devices/platform/backlight/backlight/backlight/brightness, it works immediately but not persistent, and it got reset back to 100% when a core is launched. it seems Lakka has the facility to set brightness but doesn’t implement a UI for user to set it.

Check your ‘Video’ setting, the option for Screen Brightness should be in there. :+1: Works fine for me on my RG-351M since Lakka 3.0.


Thanks, why haven’t I looked into there…

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No worries, I normally set mine to 75% which gives a nice balance of brightness and a touch more battery life.

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It’s not perfect, but the best I’ve found is:

  1. In the Settings/WiFi section, turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to a Wi-Fi network that your mobile phone is connected to.
  2. In the Settings/Services section, Activate the “SSH” option
  3. In the Main menu/Information/Network Information Find the IP of your device
  4. In the Termux software on mobile, Enter the “pkg install openssh && pkg install nano” command and then “ssh root@[lakka-device-IP]”(Default password: root)
  5. Now enter the following commands in Termux: ls sys/class/backlight nano brightness
  6. Paste the text below and press Control+S and Control+X respectively: #!/bin/bash echo “$1” > /sys/class/backlight/[XXX]/brightness (XXX is the result of ls sys/class/backlight)

Now you can change brightness with command: “bash brightness [Number]”