BSnes HD / PI4 / Lakka 2.3 - ELFCLASS64 Error

Just updated to Lakka 2.3 for some testing, was keen to try the new Mode 7 HD stuff but seems I get an error when launching any game using that core:

[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: “/tmp/cores/”[ERROR] Error(s): /tmp/cores/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

Does that ELFCLASS64 error make any sense to anyone?

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Can you open an SSH connection to your Lakka box and give me the output of “readelf /tmp/cores/” ?

Hi, we found the error and made a fix. Before we deploy the fix, can you test with this:

Just download and copy over to /storage/cores/. Thanks a lot!

Yep loaded that in and it’s now working, super quick response, thanks both!

Same issue here! Tried to use the nightly build but now I just get a black screen instead of the error message.

Im running LAKKA on a dedicated PC and it’s been working great up until the latest LAKKA release.

Updated images (version 2.3.1) are up.

Did the trick :smiley:

Ironicly, the new Mupen64 perform MUCH worse now than before the big update. The other N64 core (Parallel (?) is much much faster and accurate for me.

Same goes for Dolphin that also perform a bit worse now. Any ideas? I reset the configs and everything.