Calling anyone who has access to an arcade game room. Photos needed!

I have spent the last two years creating graphics for the Mega Bezel.

One thing that is very tiresome is the lack of high quality arcade images, for use as backgrounds or reflections.

What I am looking for are night scenes of an active arcade, it may be populated or not.

Multiple exposures would be ideal as it would allow for the creation of HDRI images.

If at all possible they should be hosted in the original resolution on an image hosting site, as opposed to being uploaded to the forum. (To maintain format and quality.)

The more the merrier. The community will benefit. (And my quality of life will be greatly improved. :wink:)


Weren’t arcades using 15Khz CGA monitors?

I think you typo’d CGA, pretty sure you wanted VGA.

CGA is a thing but iirc it’s limited color wise. (I also think CGA displays were primarily limited to computers, but idfk)

No, I actually did mean CGA. They were normal CRT monitors will full colors accepting RGB input.

Not to be confused with CGA graphics, which had limited colors. The displays themselves had no issues with displaying as many colors as you want, and their 15Khz compatibility meant they could display low resolution signals.

What I’m not sure is whether arcades used normal CGA monitors anyone could buy, or if they were custom made for the cabinets. They were monitors though for sure, since they were super sharp with very distinct scanlines, just like any computer monitor, and unlike normal TVs where scanlines kind of bleed into each other.

Or I might be completely misremembering things? :thinking:

I’m still pretty sure it’s VGA, as with my research for Mister FPGA stuff all the jamma boards output to VGA (I imagine as the jamma adapter PCBs for Mister are geared towards putting them in actual cabs, that VGA was the standard for arcades).

And my brief searching just now on VGA vs CGA, CGA display had a very limited resolution, color was fine like you said. (Sorta, it seems)

Tho CGA montiors were still limited via color and resolution in comparison to VGA. (CGA could display 16 colors at 160x200, whereas VGA could either do 16 colors at 640x480 or 256 colors at 320x200). Afaik these are distinct colors on screen at the same time.

EDIT: Sorry for going off topic.

I’m not sure what this has to do with my request. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What I’m looking for is an Arcade room full of machines. Everything on the Interwebs is captured from arcade software, (i.e Retro Arcade: Neon) not very good quality, or too well lit of a room.


I misread your post as looking for high res images of arcade monitors :stuck_out_tongue:


CGA, VGA and all GA, are graphics standard, i.e. video output. In the arcades there was everything, literally anything. The Virtua Racing widescreen monitor is something very special and amazing…

@Duimon take good pictures in arcade salons, is very difficult. There is a game/emulator of an arcade room in 3d, you can use with virtual helmet and there are many of all kinds configurable, the renders that you can take are very real, I do not remember the name, this image I think is from that game or is very similar.

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I believe it is this one.

Renders from that software make up the majority of returns when I search for an arcade image. I think the community deserves more. :innocent:

I understand how difficult the lighting can be for taking photos. Honestly, I am hoping for images I can use as screen reflections more than backgrounds.

The photos for reflections won’t have to be as high detail so will be easier to take.

We’ll see what happens. It may be that I have to model and render my own arcade room.

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Undoubtedly. I hope to see those renders. :slightly_smiling_face:

In professional photo pages you can get good images, although not many. Also if you are looking for other names, for example, in Latin America they are known as “Maquinitas” (small machines)

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