Can You Re-Create This Shader?

I made a shader a couple years back that Im trying to re-create. Im noob at this and after hours of making several other shaders that seemed decent, I haven’t been able to get this one done yet.

It isnt anything complex. I doubt its more then 3 layers of effects. This was in 4K so it need to work at that resolution.

here are some old screenshots.


Before you ask me where my old files are let me tell you. I have them. This shader is not in there. I have fixed all their directories and fiddled with them for days now, I dont know where this shader went to or what combination of settings im missing.


I would try this one for the main effect:

Looks like this:

However, it looks like you might be running at 2x scale going into it, as it looks like you have 2 emulated pixels to each texel.

Yeah I’m 99% sure it or one of the handheld variants was one of the layers, and possibly a crt one as well.

I’ve been trying lots of combinations with ‘dont care’ 1x to 5x and switching shader load order etc, and I’ve come close, but not quite.

Here is a close one.

The original having 4 rgb pixels per textle while this has 2 and is off in other subtle ways.