Cannot connect wi fi lakka linux mint

Hello, i’m on linux mint 20.2 and i cannot connect wi fi to lakka, on the latter i have both samba and wi fi access point enabled, what else i need to do?

Edit: just followed the instruction on the official documentation but nothing happens, please help?

Are you sure you did enable Samba or SSH services ?

Yes, but no way. Some other ideas?

Edit: i don’t know, but i tryed usin’ the default file manager, “nemo” to access lakka, but mint says that it cannot manage network/// positions. Am i supposed to use any specific tool or what?

You could directly mount your Lakka partition since you are using a Linux distro. Since I have a raspberry Pi 4 unit I just mount mines with a 3.1 USB SD card reader. For folders that are locked you can open up your folder/files as root user by right clicking and selecting the option.

There are more Raspberry pi Lakka tutorials here in this link

thanks, i managed to do that but don’t want pull the SD off the rasoi and put into pc every time, that’s extremely annoyng :frowning:

there is no wi fi solution, ever?

sorry, “rasoi” stood for “raspberry” . So, May e we can use third party utilities, or in the Linux mint repositories are such software?