Cannot download Lakka 2.1.1 from lakka archive, please i need it!

i’m trying to download the final version of Lakka 2.1.1 from the lakka archive, but everything there has been deleted!

the reason i need this version is because 2.1.1 has redream core, while the latest version of Lakka dont have it.

i absolutely need this because i have a VERY RARE dreamcast game (pia carrot 3) which do not run properly on reicast at all.

i had the game disc dumped with my dreamcast back in 2005 before it eventually broke. though i haven’t played the game since high school 10 years ago, i miss the game so much because that was the game i played with my high school sweetheart back in 2003, and i miss the game so, so much. sadly my pc have no graphics card so reicast does not work on my pc at all. so the raspberry pi is my only option.

if you have the 2.1.1 version of lakka, please be so kind as to share it with me! so i can relive my childhood memories

i would be eternally grateful if someone can give me the final version of 2.1.1 of lakka to me.

please let me know, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

thank you so much in advance for your help!


I’m sorry to hear that - our releases have been accidentally removed from the server, but version 2.3 is on its way.

Which platform are you on?


is it possible to redownload 2.2.1 from you guys?

i need redream core, please let me know

allow me to explain why i had not downoaded this earlier.

i registered on this forum back in May 17 because i wanted to ask if Lakka has redream built in, and if so, which version i was supposed to download because there are atleast 10 version of the file on the archive site. however i was unable to post in this forum to ask the question i need, infact my forum account was disabled up until yesterday, but by then it was already too late, all the files in the lakka download site have been deleted.

i have been spending the past 4 days trying to get retropi to work, but to no avail. once i found out that lakka does indeed have redream, i immediatly had the latest version installed but to my horror there’s no redream core in there, but this isn’t my fault isn’t it? because i wasn’t allow to make a post on this forum asking which version i should download, so how was i supposed to ask when my forum account was disabled for nearly half a year?

if you don’t believe me, here’s proof:

my forum account was still disabled as of yesterday, so i couldn’t ask the question i need. there were atlesat a dozen version of v2.1.1 on the archive site, i have no idea which one i’m supposed to download. then the lakka site download site went down for no reason. it still hasn’t been restored yet.

i got in contact with a redditor who claims to own v2.1.1 of lakka, but he wants me to pay him 30 dollars via paypal as a personal payment. i do not want to pay but as this moment, i have been offer no help and i have not received a reply from you or anyone on the team at all.

if you guys don’t want to give me the download then atleast just let me know, instead of leaving me hanging like this, let me know if you don’t plan on handing me the download so i can gol pay the 30 dollars for lakka v2.1.1 to the person on reddit who will actually give me v2.1.1… i do not want to pay money but at this point i have no choice now do i?

let me know soon, so i can decide whether or not to give into the redditor’s demands and paying him money for v2.1.1!!!

First of all, you should never pay for free open source software.

Second, you want 2.1.1 that was released in August 2018. That was the last release before the redream core was removed in October 2018. I don’t even think there was a 2.2.1, and even if there was, redream would have been removed by that version.

I don’t have a Rasberry Pi. I only have backup images and cores for Linux so I can’t help you. But for advice, you don’t have to run the older Lakka. You can run the new 2.3 when it is released and manually add the redream core and info file. It might be easier to find the core rather than an older Lakka image.

i know that he is charging me money for something that is opensource, but no one on the lakka team seem willing to reupload the old builds again, so he is my only one and final hope to get the 2.1.1. (heck i don’t even have 2.2.2 anymore after i flashed my sd card with etcher, i wasn’t expecting the Lakka download archives to be deleted like this!)

btw sorry for mistyping the version number, but the lakka download archives are gone so i don’t quite remember the version number since i only saw it a few times, hence i mistyped it. i will now correct all incorrect version number in all my post.

i do not have the redream core, i have never came into possession of it at any point in time and there’s no reason why i would have it, because i have only ever downloaded the latest lakka build which does not have redream core. if i ever had the lakka core to begin with, i would’ve been able to add it to my latest lakka build, and i wouldn’t be here asking everyone to help me fetch v2.1.1 of lakka.

when will 2.3 be released? 2 years from now, 3-4 years form now? that’s why i’m willing to pay redditor for v2.1.1 so i can get redream on my rapsberry pi.

why has the lakka team not reuploaded the lakka archives yet? i take it that they don’t want people to download their older build for some reason?

if that is the case then i must ask if anyone on the lakka team can PLEASE let me know if this is indeed the case, PLEASE let me know if you’re not willing to allow download of v2.1.1 again, let me know soon so i can contact the person on reddit and give him the 30 dollars he wants for v2.1.1.

the redditor is growing impatient and he sent me a message last night asking “you still want it or not?”, i don’t want to lose my one and final chance to get lakka v2.1.1 because he’s the only one who still has it, and i don’t want to make him angry and run off. if someone on the lakka team don’t get back to me i will just go pay him

UPDATE: i confirmed with him that it is v2.1.1 and he says that it is.but he wants me to pay him now and not to wast anymoer of his time, as he puts it, so i’m going to do it, since the lakka team still hasn’t reuploaded the archives and nobody is saying anything about what happend. it is clear to me that no one on the lakka team is willing to help me, and i don’t want to lose my only chance to get v2.1.1,so i’m going to have to accept the man’s offer and just pay him the money he wants.

since the lakka team is not willing to help me or reupload the v2.1.1 for me, i ended up paying the guy the 30 dollars for he wants.

i sent the money to him via paypal as a personal payment as he instructed.

now he’s sent me a file called “Lakka-RPi2.arm-2.1.1.img.gz”

i’ve downloaded it and flashed it to my raspberry with etcher

it boots up and indeed it is a working older build of lakka

However I DO NOT SEE the redream core!

i’ve looked everywhere, i do not see the redream core!

what in gods name is going on? please help me activate the redream core!

even if the lakka team won’t let me have v2.1.1 version, you guys can ATLEAST help me with enabling the redream core right?

here is the Lakka v2.1.1 file he sent me after payment:

please tell me how to enable the redream core in lakka!

please help me this time around at the very least! that’s all i ask!

PLEASE i beg of you, please atleast help me enable redream core!

thank you so much!

since the lakka team is not willing to help me or reupload the v2.1.1 for me

Can you not wait one day?

Did you end up paying the guy? Too bad for you I guess, you can sit on those $30. Can you at least give me (in private) the redditor’s username so that we can ban him from the subreddit?

The reason why we cannot give you 2.2.1 is that because we don’t have it anymore. All of the old images are gone, and we can’t build them anymore since so many cores have had their code rebased since.

As for redream, it’s been a year since it’s been removed from Lakka. The emulator is now close-sourced, and performs worse than flycast.

Here the core for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3:

Use the latest nightly and copy that into /storage/cores. You should then see the core in the menu.

of course i paid him, he was honest enough and sent me “Lakka-RPi2.arm-2.1.1.img.gz” as promised! i couldn’t find the redream core in there but it was my fault because i forgot to tell him i needed the 2.1.1 version with redream core, so he didn’t know beforehand and didn’t check for me.

yes i mistakenly assumed that all version of v2.1.1 have the redream core, but i have no way of asking about that first now do i? because you guys disabled my account from posting when i first registered on may 17, 2019, so i have no means to ask about it.

he was getting impatient because i contacted him yesterday and he said i was pulling his legs because i asked him over and over again and still haven’t paid him, as i mentioned in my earlier post he was losing his patience since he thought i was wasting his time, i didn’t want him to walk away all of the sudden and lose my one and only chance at getting the v2.1.1 build. so i had to choose between not getting any help here with a half disabled account where all my posts need to be manually approved, vesus a person like him who is ready with the file on hand and give it to me for 30 bucks… so i chose the obvious; because i wanted to play pia carrot 3 again so badly, and i want to try it on redream because reicast runs it with all garbled audio and lags like hell.

so he sent the file to me as agreed, and it was indeed v2.1.1 just like i asked for, but since the redream core is not in there, i’m guessing its probably an early build before you guys put the redream core in there, but in any case i have uploaded the v2.1.1 lakka build he sent me to a file hosting service, and posted it here for you guys to look in my earlier post, i was hoping you guys can help me figure out how to enable the redream core if its hidden in there, or atleast tell me if this is the early build where the redream core haven’t been slotted in there yet.

again he sent me the file, it is indeed a v2.1.1 as promised. so why would i want him banned when you guys were the ones who banned ME from posting back in may 17, 2019, i had to wait for 3 months before i could bump that old thread about redream on lakka v2.1.1 here. (ask the admin about it, the post has since been deleted after i started this thread)

besides i live in hong kong, the privacy laws here are very strict so i’m not sure if its even LEGAL for me to disclose his personal details like paypal account or reddit account online unless i want the cops to come knocking on my door. in any case, he still helped me in the end so i see no reason to betray him like this, especially when he gave me the correct file as agreed (he didn’t know i needed the redream core because i incorrectly assumed that all v2.1.1 build has it) not to mention that since i pay him with paypal, he likely has all my personal details as well, like full name/address just like any sellers would when they receive payment with their paypal account.

i thank you sincerely for the core that you have posted, hopefully i can get it to work with the v2.1.1 build, but if not, then its time to give up and i won’t bother you folks no more.

if i cant get redream to work on my v2.1.1 lakka, i probably will just get a UK dreamcast supporting 220v voltage, and which also supports mil-cd so i can use a utopia disc to boot my legit hard copy of pia carrot 3 from 2003 along with all my other dreamcast games. though with uk dreamcasts its very tricky to tell, and they have crappy GD rom drive and the seller could be lying about the drive working when it is not…so much hassle… that’s why i didn’t want to bother with real dreamcasts and i bought a raspberry pi 3 instead and i was hoping for Lakka and redream core to be able to do the job instead. i’m ready to give up if it doesn’t work, perhaps i really needed the real console afterall.

in any case i’ve already reuploaded the v2.1.1 build here, hopefully it will be of some use for others if they need it.

sorry for bothering you all and thanks for the core, i truly appreciate it.

Sorry bud, you were scammed.

I want to ban him because selling Lakka is illegal due to the non-commercial license of the project.


New Lakka 1.3 is up. There is even a new image allowing PC users to utilize NVIDIA graphics drivers for better performance (although there aren’t as many cores available).

Hey Man I hope you see this, can you please upload the image again?

First off, paying someone for something that’s open source, is illegal, and questionable at best (don’t ask me what I really think about it).

Second, I would think since Reicast is based on the Redream emulator, why don’t you just download the Redream emulator on your Pi? You know, there are other emulator packages around if you need them (cough RetroPie cough) if you need a particular emulator that badly.

Third, the reason a core gets removed or taken down is because the cores themselves are unstable, cause problems elsewhere in the program or any number of other reasons. I’m sure you can come up with a solution to your problem, somehow, just don’t get ripped off again, OK?