Can't for the life of me get anything to work in MAME 2015

Hello, world,

I’m dead stuck on trying to get Death Smiles or Death Smiles MBL to run on Lakka 4.2 aarch64 on my 8GB pi4.

I can boot just about any arcade except for these two. The one difference is that the database suggests running them in MAME 2015.

I have tried everything, using other MAME cores, trying FB, downloading and redownloading both roms, and even manually dropping a fresh copy of the cave bios into the MAME folder.

FB Neo gives an “doesn’t recognize from set error”, MAME 2015 just sits on a black screen and can’t run, and all other MAME Cores simply crash.

I have attempted this on both the 4.2 stable and nightly.

Fresh out of ideas folks. I have the from working on my Windows PC and I also own a copy of the game on switch (please pay the hard working folks at cave soft guys), so I’m able to play the game just fine. I’m really just stuck getting this thing to run on the pi 4.

Please read instead of using random romsets with random emulators.

Also note that FBNeo added support for cv1k games 2 days ago, meaning it won’t be able in older versions of the core.

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I had replied earlier, I didn’t include any links but somebody here decided to flag down my reply to you. smh

It should be obvious, but mentioning a specific website is the same as linking it, that’s why your post was flagged and deleted, so please be more careful next time.