Can't live boot Lakka on a Legacy boot pc


Hi, I’m wanting to live boot Lakka on a Pc that doesn’t use UEFI, but it keeps not booting from the flash drive. I’ve tried booting both the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version and neither works. Is there a way to get Lakka on this PC? btw I have a HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF with a Sempron 145, 6GB DDR3 ram, 1TB HDD. and it’s using integrated graphics.


My guess would be that it’s the integrated graphics preventing a proper boot, but a few more details would be helpful. How far through the boot process do you get: do you see the boot message in the top left of the screen? Do you see the small flower logo in the centre of the screen? Any freezes?

It looks as though that model PC could have been supplied with either an Nvidia or ATI graphics card fitted, though the chipset has integrated HD 4200 graphics. If it’s the integrated graphics you’re using, then it’s 10 year-old technology. Legacy (old) ATI graphics can be a problem for these gaming operating systems. Do you have or can you borrow a graphics card that you could try, something more recent by Nvidia?


im guessing you are booting from usb?

if its older pc it probably has a cd drive. could it boot from cd?