Can't trigger 'install' on latest stable 32-bit PC build

I’m trying to install the latest Lakka 2.1 32-bit stable on an Asus eeePC that has previously run Lakka 1.x.

Live mode works as expected, but at no point am I seeing a chance to type “installer” to trigger installation per the docs here:

Specifically, I don’t see the step illustrated after the text “You should see our bootloader prompt”

I’ve tried pressing as well as pressing and holding the Tab button and the Caps Lock button with no change. Has anyone else run into this?

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I’ve got the same issue just with the 64 - bit version of lakka on a RM Expert 3020, I think it could be an issue with the keyboard because when the

wait for live session to start or hit for more options (installer) boot:

prompt appears my num-lock key light goes out until the lakka splash screen appears. So I cant type “install” and hit the return key to install lakka, it just boots into live mode.

@markwkidd : we switched to syslinux 6.0.4-pre1, maybe that is why you get this issue. You may try to make a test with Plop Boot Manager which will allow you to boot on usb. I know it is little cumbersome but worth to try.

I am having a very similar issue. I cannot figure out how to make a new thread so I figured I’d just post it here.

I am attempting to install to a laptop. I am following the directions laid out here, but cannot select: 1 Install Lakka. I highlight it blue, then highlight <Ok> red. Pressing either Enter or Spacebar to select it moved me into a new command line at the bottom of the screen rather than selecting the option and beginning the install.

For context, the live boot does work. I am on the Lakka official 2.1 installer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’m having exactly the same problem I cant select OK to trigger install, has anyone found a solution to this?