Change Request: Option to install to partition instead of disk

Hi dev team, just a suggestion from my part. I know multi-boot is not supported, but the intent here would be for data separation. If preferred, I could log it on GitHub (I haven’t as it’s not an issue but a suggestion for improvement). Thanks for your consideration.

Current Situation Presently there is no option to install Lakka on a specific partition, only a specific disk.

Desired Situation Also include the option to install to a specific partition.

Goal This would enable users to store data (ROMs and potentially other data) on a separate partition and allow for a clean install (during upgrades for instance) without having to restore all data manually.

Extension An option to mark a specific partition for data storage in Lakka would further improve this situation, that way data could be stored there at all times and there would be no need to manually restore anything after a clean install.