Changing Default Menu Driver for New Install?


Is there a way to forcefully boot a new install of Lakka with Ozone or at least Rgui instead of XMB? I always run into issues whenever I install it on mid\lower-end PCs\Laptops. On some the menu is excrutiatingly slow (due to the Ribbon effect) but I can still navigate to the driver settings and change it for the next restart, but on others no video even shows up because of it.

And since I can’t see anything with some PCs, I can’t turn on Samba and swap the config file with one with a lighter menu drive\ shader\pipeline).

I think you would probably need to boot the new install once to let it expand the storage and then mount the SD card on another machine and change the menu in the retroarch.cfg.

Not an SD Card, HDDs since I’m using a PC :stuck_out_tongue: See, I’ve tried accessing the files through another PC, but since it’s in a Linux filesystem I can’t really do anything with Windows. Every ext2\3\4 viewer for I’ve found didn’t have write features sadly…

You cannot change the default for new installs but you can indeed change it after booting RA at least once as hunterk said

If it works but is slow you can just painfully make your way in the menus and change the menu driver from there

Be aware that ozone doesn’t run on Lakka (it crashes for some reason)

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What do you mean ozone doesn’t work? I’ve used it on 3 or 4 different PCs now.

Multiple people have reported ozone to crash on Lakka when opening a playlist I believe

I just installed Lakka 2.3.2 to Raspberry Pi 4 and when I changed menu driver to ozone, the system crashes when I select anything from the menu. This seems to be known issue and there are several tickets in Github:

I hope this would be fixed soon because XMB is very slow when Rasbperry Pi 4 is connected to 4k TV. I hope ozone would be faster.