Classic CRT Fullscreen 16:9 Overlay (with Day and Night support)


I have a New Design for all of you CRT lovers :slight_smile:

This one is 1080p, fullscreen, 16:9 and goes perfectly with Shader CRT Lottes, it also has 2 options available for use during day and night.

Video config: X Pos. 273 Y Pos. 25 Ratio Width: 1379 Ratio Height: 1034 Shader: CRT Lottes or Geom DON’T FORGET TO SET “OVERLAY OPACITY” TO “1.0”

Let me know if you have any question!

Download from here:


Ah, that’s nice! Good work :slight_smile:


This looks great. Nice touch with that last bit. What exactly is that called anyway? I noticed that on several CRTs but don’t know what it is.


These look beautiful! Awesome work exodus :slight_smile: The gaming area is wider than 4x3 right?


Excellent work ! Any plan on doing some for 2560x1440 ? (Just asking)


Wow. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Simple and clean but not an ancient looking TV :slight_smile: and yes it works perfectly with the CRT Lottes shader.

Thank you.


Actually the overlays work really nice in 2560x1440 so no need for that. :slight_smile:

It works really nice with CRT-Lottes but it would be awesome to have a version that works with “non-curved” shaders (like CRT-Royale or the Sony Triniton / Wega shaders from Solid12345). I looked for a “high end CRT TV” overlay but could not find one…



Can you point me to those shaders? I mean Sony Trinitron from solid 12345


I’m uploading a flat panel CRT right now, I hope it works for you :wink:


This is Solid12345’s topic : Analog Shader Pack version 3 is HERE!

His shader collection has a Sony trinitron shader (good quality) and a Sony Wega shader (awesome quality).

Thanks a lot for uploading a flat panel shader !


Thanks for the link!

I’ll test them out right now :smiley:


I downloaded this ages ago for my setup and pretty much use it on every platform as I absolutely love it. I only just now finally signed up with an account here so wanted to personally say thank you for this because it has made my whole setup just that bit more nice and fun.