Clearing up confusion on installing Lakka

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to Lakka and only have experience with retropie but thought that I might like Lakka because it seems very lightweight.

My issue is not much of a technical one as i was just a little confused about some things so as such i decided not to put this on the github.

I am looking into putting Lakka on an sd card, to be booted into from my Chromebook. The idea for me is that I use chrome os when I want to use chrome related things, but when I want to play retro games, that I can reboot and enter seabios to boot Lakka from the sd card. I assume that this will be a better option compared to installing retrorarch as an android app on chrome os.

This is where I get a little confused… when running Lakka, there is the option for running it live and installing it, and I was confused about what one I should pick. I don’t want to install Lakka on my hard drive, but I do want it to be permanent on my sd card. So should I choose to install it? (My train of thought is installing it onto the sd card) Or should I just keep running it live off of my sd card every time?

Any help is appreciated and I thank everyone who helps

It sounds like you’re wanting to run it live, which is fine.

What’s the difference with installing? Is installing only meant to be used for installing it onto my hard drive?

Yeah, for the most part. You can also install to SD cards for things like Raspberry Pis, but I’m not sure if that’s really appropriate for a chromebook.

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Yep thanks for all the help!