Color tint with Lottes stretched dot mask?

I can’t tell if this is all in my head- is there some kind of color tint happening with the Lottes stretched dot mask? Anyone care to weigh in on this?

@Dogway @Syh

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From my experience there’s some degree of color tinting with any mask you use tbh, it just varies on how noticeable it is. (Unless it b/w.)


What color tint would you say is being added by Lottes stretched dot mask? Probably the easiest way to check this is with an all-white screen or gray ramp.

I think I know how it’s being tinted, but I want to get your unbiased, un-prompted opinion.

PM so we don’t bias Dogway, in case he wants to weigh in.

Edit: I guess we could avoid opinion altogether if we had actual tools to measure this, but I don’t have access to any of that stuff right now.

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I’m still watching that stream (finally starting to cable which is the whole reason I tuned in, lol), after its over I’ll load up RA and check.

As I know it’s tinting, I just can’t remember what the color tinting is, lol. (Like mask 5-6 are doing a blueish-greenish shift if memory serves me right)

It’s mask 3 or 4 right, I’m trying to remember without having to load up GitHub lol.

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Yeah 5 and 6 are weird for a few different reasons, they also do some kind of brightness compensation that I’m not a big fan of.

Lottes stretched dot mask is CRT mask 3 in guest-dr-venom.

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