Common-Overlays Repo


Sega mega drive overlay for 1680x1050, same settings as above rename the image to md.png and here is sega mega drive cfg (168 Bytes)


Snes black version for 1680x1050, same settings rename the image to snes.png and snes cfg (174 Bytes), and if you want here is same blue version Improved snes blue version, for me best version Sega mega drive blue version


This is my templates for 1680x1050 for console games, for you who want to make your own borders (3.01 KB) and here is templates with blue background Templates (3.12 KB). Put it in photoshop and create overlay. Link for how to make overlay this is for mame but works also on retroarch, just before doing this put my templates in photoshop not that universal.png


For sega mega drive, snes and nes games to work correctly with my overlays set in core configs integer scale true, aspect ratio index 22, and custom viewport_width 1280 and custom viewport_height 960 . For sega mega drive core genesis plus gx crop overscan off, for snes core bsnes balanced crop overscan on, for nes core FCEUmm crop overscan on, for nestopia you need to use crop overscan on and in core options make sure mask overscan horizontal and mask overscan vertical is enabled, for other systems needs to be tested.