Scanline Overlays for More Dynamic Scanlines

I was inspired by this to create some scanline overlays. These scanlines are more dynamic than the existing overlays, with bright lines being visibly wider than dark lines. I haven’t been able to achieve the same level of beam width dynamics with any of the lightweight shaders, so far.

There are probably too many of these already, but maybe someone will find them useful. Similar to what you’d see on an xVM or 31kHz CRT, these scanlines are quite bold, so be prepared to crank up your backlight! The overlays go from little/no bloom/glow (version 1) to lots of bloom/glow (version 3).

Maybe these could be turned into a shader? Shaders seem to perform better than overlays in addition to being easier to use. Or, if someone knows parameter settings for any of the lightweight scanline shaders to achieve similar results, that would be awesome.

(remember to view the following images at full size) This is 5x-scanlines-1920x1120-ver2. The only shader being used is TVout-tweaks-multipass.

This is 4x-scanlines-1920x896-ver3, with TVout-tweaks-multipass.



Here’s a preview of version 3 at 5x- now even more dynamic!™ This one has more bloom/glow than ver2, for those into that sort of thing.

edit: revised the overlays so they’re all 1920 wide now, making them usable with any horizontal resolution (on a 1920x1080 display). Added ver3 overlays.


Could you make one for a 760p screen?