Compiling Lakka libusb-compat error

Hey all,

I’m attempting to make a custom Lakka image so I can get some custom drivers pre-installed. but I figured a good first step would be to just do one stock compile first.

so I just started with the one right from the Lakka doc DISTRO=Lakka PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image

and I get this error after about an hour of building.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For some reason, the upstream source archive was repackaged and the checksum is different now.

You will need to update PKG_SHA256=... in packages/sysutils/libusb-compat/, although simply commenting it out with # PKG_SHA256=... might work also.

Also I suggest adding CUSTOM_LIBRETRO_CORES="ccache:host 2048" to your options (or whatever core(s) you wish) so you save time building a working image and avoid trouble with unwanted or perhaps broken cores. I include ccache:host because I’ve run into trouble rebuilding packages without it.

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yep Commenting it out helped me progress past that point, Thanks!

Is there a document that shows all the different commands and customization and how to use them?

There is no comprehensive guide. I figured things out mostly by looking at the scripts themselves.

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okie dokie! it’s a place to start. thanks!