Compiling my own cores

Hi, I recently installed lakka on my switch but noticed I can’t install other cores from retroarch. So I did some searching on the forum and online, and most of the posts said to compile it myself. So I did; however I think the version I compiled them is for windoes x86/64 and not linux arm64/aarch64. Still I put the source folder and the .info into the core folder in lakka. They show up but dont work. So my question is, how can I compile the cores so they work on lakka? And how would I go about installing them? The cores in question are Duckstation, citra, and pcsx2. I know ps2 will run like crap but Im doing some testing. Any help greatly appreciated.

You need a toolchain for the desired platform/architecture, and then you use that toolchain to compile the cores.

PCSX2 will not compile for ARM hardware at all, AFAIK.

Do you know what toolchain I should use and/or where to find it?

As for PCSX2 I’ve seen it done on android as well as L4T so I’m not certain if its not possible.

For lakka-on-switch, it would be mostly GCC, but you would need an arm64 device to build on, unless you want to set up a cross-compile toolchain.

Re: PCSX2 on Android, the only one I know of DamonPS2, which is a closed-source, license-violating fork where they added ARM stuff to it.

Theres also the Play! ps2 emulator.

So would it be easier to hop on my raspi and compile it or setup the cross-compile toolchain?

it certainly takes longer on an RPi. Based on what the lakka folks said in discord, it sounds like their compile scripts take care of the cross-compile stuff, so that’s probably pretty painless.

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Alright. Do you happen to have a guide for it? Im unsure of where to get GCC or how to set it up in windows for lakka.

Also I have some questions on overclocking. I see that there is the option to put the CPU to 2091mhz and the GPU to 921mhz. But no option for memory overclocking. I assume it is running at the stock value of 1300mhz. Is there a way to overclock that to 1600 or 1866mhz? Same with the CPU and GPU; It needs a patched kernal in order to get the cpu higher than 2091mhz but I cant find where to get them or how to do it myself.

You mentioned discord, do you mind if I get your username so I can DM you?

I’m afraid I have no idea how to set it up in Windows, and I know very little about the Switch in general. There is a RetroNx discord server that specializes in Switch stuff and RetroArch-on-Switch, and they might be able to fix you up.

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Can you Send me an invite link?

try this one:

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