Controller doesn't work for SEGA CD games

Recent convert from RetroPie to Lakka.

OH. MY. GOD. It’s like night and day.

I’ve been gradually adding my library to it & had next to no problems. However, I’m having a problem with SEGA CD. The system “loads” and I get to the SEGA CD splash screen. My controller then just dies. No inputs work, except for the Retroarch “menu” button to quit the game.

Has anyone else seen this? Raspberry Pi 4 & 8botdi SN30 pro (wired) controller. These games worked under RetroPie.

try going into quick menu > controls and see if your device type is set to something strange (e.g., disabled).

Nothing strange that I can see. It’s set to “Retropad”. All the button maps appear correct. Picodrive will get any game to the SEGA CD boot screen w/ music. Genesis Plus GX just gives me a black screen.

The controller works with all other systems installed in Lakka. SEGA CD is the only one so far that’s malfunctioning.

It could be the Genesis+GX. I will bump it for you and please try next nightly

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Thank you. I’ll give this a try tonight/tomorrow & see what I get.

Seriously. I WISH I had known about Lakka prior to RetroPie. Not that RetroPie is a bad platform, but MAN. Keep up the great work & will let you know what happens w the new build.

Just tried the nightly build. Still having the Genesis Plus issue and Picodrive issue. However, one game I picked appeared to load. No sound in either case. After dinner I’m going to sanity check the SEGA CD images against RetroArch on my Windows system to make sure they are in fact working. They should be, as they worked under RetroPie but I want to be sure.

I’m not sure what’s happening, but I almost think I might have corrupted images/ROMs. I used Windows RetroArch to try to run the same SEGA CD images & they crashed immediately. I found an older backup copy of images I thought I lost & copied those onto my Lakka drive. They work. The only one I’m having an issue w/ is Sonic CD which will only load under Pico Drive and then inform me that the SEGA CD RAM is not initialized.

I’m going to do some more testing, but it’s looking like this may be user error & not a software issue.

That is a Very Possible.

Where did you get your Images From?

I can’t remember. I want to say Cool ROM or another site. I found a torrent for a “complete” set of SEGA CD games & every single one I’ve tried so far works flawlessly. Looks like this one was totally user error.

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Best Images you can get are in the ReDump Pack