Controller issues Lakka Version 2.2


I’m having issues with Lakka Version 2.2. I am running Lakka on a raspberry pi 3, and have flashed the SD card with the latest version of Lakka.

Connecting both controller types that i own, a dualshock 4, and an 8bitdo F30 Pro, results in me being unable to navigate the menu. I am able to skip to the bottom and top of the list by clicking L1 and R1 respectively, but using the D pad or analog stick does not function correctly. Clicking up on the D pad seems to take me to the bottom of the list on the menu, but not always. Clicking left or right will result in rapid movement left and right, and then halting. And eventually there is no response until i disconnect the controllers and re-connect again.

I do not currently have a keyboard (that’s not inside the body of a laptop) to connect to lakka and try to mess with the settings, meaning i also cannot connect to the wireless and ssh in with a terminal, to try and purge the config file etc., as i cannot get these options set up via the lakka interface. (although i have flashed the sd card with the latest version, so i doubt this would help).

I cannot see myself using Lakka in this current state, which makes me a bit sad, as i much prefer how Lakka, in contrast to the other options available, is generally plug in and go with a controller, and maybe a few terminal commands so it remembers the controller via bluetooth.

Will there be an update to fix this issue?

Thanks so much in advance, Frank.

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Hi @Frank.Bullitt, I had the same problem with my DS4, see this thread for reference.

It’s unfortunate that none of your controllers work and you don’t have a USB keyboard, since this issue is relatively easy to solve by rebinding the inputs.

Regardless, you can try to make “correct” autoconfig profiles and put them manually on the SD card in /storage/joypads/udev. For this you would need a Linux PC, or temporarily connect your Raspberry Pi via a wired connection.

You can find my rebinded configuration files here: If you have luck, they might work for you too.

As I see it this is an issue for only some DS4’s and I don’t think there’s an easy fix.

Regarding the 8bitdo, it might work in X-Input mode (turn on with POWER+X), according to the manual.


I’ve just been browsing for a solution to my problem and stumbled across this thread. I had a similar problem to what you mentioned @Frank.Bullitt but with my Dualshock 3. The following post resolved one of my issues -

I’m still only able to connect after reboot by first using a USB cable, but at least when I do it’s now mapped correctly.