Core and Feature Requests

Thanks. Other than performance, what do I get from the special chip HLE?

You don’t need to have the special chip ROM images present.

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Hello. i’d Like to request the FreeINTV and FreeChaF Core for the Miyoo Devices please. Since there is already o2em, it would be cool, if Intellivision and Fairchild Channel F get the same.

Hi, I hope that I am not wrong here, but I have a request, which could be possibly easy to achieve.

It is about the Dolphin core and a possible usage of “JIT Recompiler for ARM64” in a RetroArch core. I am a Windows on ARM user, and it runs sometimes ok, but mostly not acceptable in Windows emulation of x64 - it is just not enough for Dolphin core on RetroArch (but also the standalone) to run smooth.

Thankfully, there is a Dolphin version for Windows on ARM, which is released for compiling on the Dolphin standalone version. I tried it, and it works really great! It works by far better.

So is there a chance that this can be used in the RetroArch core, too?

I will add the link of the blog:

And another link, where I asked about the compiling of the standalone version (maybe it helps a bit better to explain the situation):

It would be cool if the PCSX2 Core was available on android. I believe it used to be but I’m not sure. Thanks for reading!

It was never on Android. I think the Play! core might have been, but it wasn’t really usable. For that matter, PCSX2 wouldn’t be usable on Android without ARM dynarecs, which is what AetherSX2 is: a closed-source fork of PCSX2 with ARM dynarecs added.


Oh ok is there a possibility it will be added in the future?

Not unless someone releases open-source dynarecs.

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Sorry to ask so many questions I’m new to retroarch and emulation in general. Is there an original xbox core? Will there be an original xbox core? Can the mame core emulate xbox? Thanks

I’d like to request for BlastEm, Sega Genesis core if could be added up the PSG option to increase it’s volume. This notoriously affects the experience for me at least. It would be nice to see the other options coming from BlastEm standalone but I’d be pretty happy if it’s at least added up the PSG option within the core-options.

I would see auto lowest latency/zero lag as feature request along with audios such as alsa and alsathread for Xbox one retroarch and Xbox series x/s retroarch and also picodrive a 32x Genesis core for PS3 Retroarch, also new core for Sega Saturn that can emulate all Saturn games perfectly as the swanstation/duckstation can.

At some point the use of the GitHub roadmap was advertised but the board is pretty empty - it would be great if we could have more info of what is being considered for upcoming changes and getting the changes from the different cores consolidated — at the moment I just follow the but these appear when done as opposed to what is upcoming.

No, no and no. Sorry :frowning:

ALSA is the audio system of Linux. There’s no such thing on XBox.

Will the Play! core be fixed on android and be a downloadable core again because currently, I believe there is no PS2 core on android. I would download aethersx2 standalone but I want all my emulators to be on retroarch. Again sorry for asking so many questions.

A 3DS core on android would be great

Is dolphin currently working on android for me it is bugging. U load a . RVZ or.IOS and the game crashes with dolphin

No, it’s been broken on Android for quite some time, AFAIK.

Perhaps one day someone will fix it or make an alternative core for Wii and gamecube