Could a "clear motion" shader exist for high refresh rate monitors?

One of the worst things about modern display panels compared to old CRTs is the motion blur/ghosting on things that move. Basically, a moving object (like the backgrounds on a 2D scrolling game) appears blurry while on CRT it looks just as sharp as when it’s still.

Now on a high refresh rate monitor, this blur can be reduced. At 240hz it’s even pretty close to a CRT (but still not quite there). However, in order for this to work, the moving object MUST run at a high frame rate as well. So a game running at 240fps (let’s say a modern 2D game like Monster Boy) looks almost as sharp as a 60fps game on a CRT. But a 60fps game on a 240hz LCD monitor (like all retro games that are locked at that rate) will look just as blurry as on a 60hz LCD, even if the LCD runs at 240hz (so it repeats frames).

So i was wondering. Could there be some kind of shader that makes 60hz retro games create additional “fake” unique frames so they behave like 240fps? I was thinking something like those fancy “motion+” or “high FPS” filters modern TVs have that make things look smoother but also adds a lot of input lag… So something like that but without the input lag, using the shader system.

Is that possible? Because if it is then we could truly emulate the look of a CRT. Sure, all the existing CRT shaders may look great but when things start moving it breaks the illusion because CRTs didn’t have that awful ghosting/motion blur… I know black frame insertion exists but that looks pretty bad as it makes everything dark.