Could this be ported to Retroarch?

Just wondering if this can be used as a vulkan shader in Retroarch. I think it looks cool. Alot like xbr but with a nice way do filter the difference between shades.

For anyone considering implementing this, the authors have produced a poster describing the real-time version of the algorithm.

It would require a considerable change to the Retroarch rendering pipeline so I’d advise anyone interested in this to not hold their breath.

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I also discovered it looks very bad on ps1 pre rendered games. I thought it would blend similar colors better. It doesnt seem to do that at all like it does on the grey area of the boo image from smb. Wierd.

This is a common issue with scaling/smoothing algorithms, which use a sort of a threshold that decides which pixel to smooth and where the edges are sharp.

In my experience best results are when there is a transition between theese situations. In general, a very satisfying evaluation of the situation requires a broader perspective, a task, not best suited for fast solutions.

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Are you refering to a neural network with “requires a broader perspective, a task, not best suited for fast solutions.”?

Neural network could deliver very nice / the best results, indeed. Just check out ESRGAN or Waifu, for example. Otherwise there are some nice shader implementations already, like SuperXBR. Personally i like a ScaleFX upgrade with rAA and some Deblur.

What i also meant to say is that special attention has to be used for these situations when moving to a broader color environment. It’s comparable to lab conditions vs. real life use in a way.

I guest,r, Iam sorry, you just dont remember me. I asked about porting Waifu2x to Retroarch sometime 2016 :slight_smile: I know it is absolutely awesome and something that I would love to have. But I have also learned that with todays technology it is bassicly impossible to run in real time :frowning:

But Waifu2x on pre-rendered games, with full noise reduction and DNR is something I have wanted for emulation that last 4 years.

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Yeah, i remember. :upside_down_face: And i understand how terrific these scalers can look. :yum:

Yes. When it comes to Waifu2x its mostly the denoiser that makes it look so good I think. Sure the scaling is nice as well, but it doesnt look bad if I just denoise with waifu and then scale with something else, like xbr or wathever. I dont know if ESRGAN,does any denoise? I dont think so. Wich might be why I dont really like the mods that has been made for FFVII with ESRGAN. I dont know of any mod for FFVII sadly that uses Waifus full denoise.

Anyway, mods takes time to make, and many of the Ps1 rpgs are not released for pc. So a Waifu “shader” is a must. And I have waited 4 years now, I can wait 4 more years. Hopefully it’ll be made before I die at least :slight_smile:

Well I have this preset. It tries to look like waifu, I guess it’ll do for now. Its kinda demanding. One is Waifu and one is not. The trained eye will probably notice which is which.

And something that is not Final Fantasy :slight_smile:

I dont know why but it looks better if you open in a new window.

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