Crashes when i try add shader "res independent scanlines slang"

pretty much what the title says. i dunno where to put my crash log. can someone help me out? it says unsupported file

you can post the contents of your log to and then post a link to it here.

damn hunter. you are quick. i love that

Hmm, not getting a lot of useful info from that log, unfortunately. Can you do the same for a RetroArch log of you trying to load the shader? To get a RetroArch log, go to settings > logging and set ‘log to file’ ON and set both logging verbosity options to 0 (debug). Do what you need to do to cause the problem and then when you exit RetroArch, you should find a log file in your ‘logs’ directory.

yeah ill do that after work. to be more informative, OS is win 7 64 bit, just service pack 1, no dot net framedwork or c+ runtime bullshit installed. the motherboard is an asrock q1900dc-itx which has onboard intel 7th gen graphics. if that helps any. thanks again, ill get back to you later today

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ok does this help?

Somewhat. Is there anything else in the log?

naw. thats the entire log. i did it the way you said. ill try again tho

i just now got this, this time

hmm, the shader applies fine on my end but it takes a really long time to compile and is super-slow, so something appears to be screwy. I’ll take a look.

did that log help any?

Yeah, it did.

Okay, can you try commenting (that is, putting // in front of the line) the last line in the shader (shaders/shaders_slang/scanlines/shaders/res-independent-scanlines.slang), like this:

//FragColor.rgb *= mask_weights(gl_FragCoord.xy, params.mask_weight, int(params.mask));

and then try again? It seems like it’s having a real problem with the mask code, which isn’t essential to the main scanline effect anyway.

that got it workin. goddammit, hunter i wish all customer service was this helpful and quick. youre not even getting paid for this. damn shame. thank you

heh, thanks, my pleasure.

I’ll probably just nuke the mask code out of that one altogether if it’s going to cause problems for folks.