Crisis in the Kremlin. Error with installation and native saves. PURE

Can’t Install Crisis at the Kremlin on DOSBox Pure - Please Help

Pretty straight forward using the ExoDOS v5 archive. Unpack to a zip-named folder, move the content into the root, create a dosbox.cfg that mounts the floppy folder, changes directories to “KREMLIN”, and runs the “run.bat”.

Compress the whole thing into a *.dosz and you’re good to go.

You can eliminate the “run.bat” menu by committing to a sound device, copying the correct files from the “mt32” or “sb16” folders, and running the “CRISIS.EXE” in the dosbox.cfg.

My dosbox.cfg.


mount a ".\floppy" -t floppy

or if you commit to a sound device.

mount a ".\floppy" -t floppy

My “Crisis in the Kremlin (1992).dosz” folder structure

Crisis in the Kremlin (1992).dosz\

I will try that @Duimon

I am trying to get it not crash and Years End when Mouse Disappears from the Screen

How can I format it too .dosz?

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Doesn’t sound like your thread title was very accurate. I’m not sure I can be of help with the crashing, unless it is related to mounting the floppy.

Just compress it to zip and rename the file extension.

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I asked that Question Before got no answer.

Guess no one has come accross the Same Issue a I have

So that makes a Big Difference?

Not really, *.dosz is just associated with Pure. It does provide some advantages… changes in the file system are saved in a file in the “\Retroarch\saves” folder.

Have you tried to run it in DosBOX SVN to see if it has the same issue?

Yes I have and Also Dosbox-X and Duam and normal Dosbox Thru D-Fend Reloaded

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And they have no issues?

Sadly after Testing I get the Same Issue

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You could try posting in the ExoDOS Discord and see if anyone has the same issue.

I wouldn’t mention DOSBox Pure or Retroarch though. :innocent:

That is a Good Idea.

Though I have never used Discord

Have Same Issue when I installed it from outside of ExoDOS File

Here is a link to the ExoDOS invite.

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Thanks @Duimon

I go and ask and see IF they have an Answer

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If all else fails, try looking in Exo’s dosbox.cfg for this game and see what magic he uses.

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I will do that Tommorow as nearly time for Bedtime

That would help even with ExoDos info as that Crashes from his Zip Folder?

Where can I find ExoDOa config File @Duimon?

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I’m away from my computer right now. There is a large zip in the collection that contains all these. I’ll give you more info when I get home.

Thanks and I understand.

1 am in Australia now

If he can run it well, we may be able to see what he does. It could be that he is using DOSBox ECE, or a custom build, or it could just be that no one has played the game that far in testing.

Super easy lol
There is a lot of confusion with this Core, the configurations of sound cards, disk drives, and other hardware, are not needed, the .dosz extension has not been used for a long time and pre-packaged games are not recommended. Psyraven spent many months of hard work in making this automated.

And I don’t know if the forum policy has changed, but sharing piracy information is not allowed.

Can you be a little more specific please.

As I commented to Duimon, this Core is handled differently.
This particular game has a primitive installer that does not allow you to install from the same drive.
If you have the .IMG disk images, you are going to install it in C: smoothly, or if you have an executable .zip, you load it directly.
If you have a .zip file with the installer, you will have to do one more step.

You open the game and the executable files are listed. From the Disc Control menu you load the same game from the .zip.
[ Any zip that you load from Disc Control this way is mounted automatically as a unit ]
It will appear in C: and D: as in the following image, you start the installation from D: You can reboot to remove the extra disk and that’s it.