Crt-geom-deluxe seems very dim

Not sure if there’s something I’m doing wrong, or if it’s just supposed to look like this (maybe I’m supposed to crank up my brightness?), but crt-geom-deluxe seems excessively dim when I try to use it. I understand that scanlines are going to necessarily dim the image a bit, but even compared to regular crt-geom it’s just extremely dim. Here’s a couple of comparison images.

No shader:



Any tips?

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I just noticed that today, too. It seems to be related to the mask code, which I had to mess with quite a bit to even get it to work at all, so I might just gut it and replace it with a different mask block altogether.


I noticed this as well. Looking forward to an updated version because it looks nice otherwise.

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Thought I might as well post this here.

There are a few options missing from crt-geom-dx:

CRTGeom Sharpness
CRTGeom Scanline Weight
CRTGeom Luminance
CRTGeom Interlacing Simulation

Also, with CRT-geom, I’m not sure “CRTGeom Luminance” and “CRTGeom Scanline Weight” are working properly. Here’s scanline weight at 0.10 and 0.50:

Regarding the luminance option, I don’t actually see it in the shader menu even though it’s in the code.

Also, is there an easy change to the code to make the sharpness more adjustable in CRT-geom? If not, can it be stacked with the controlled-sharpness shader somehow (or something similar)?

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Indeed several parameters seem broken on the slang repo for crt-geom.

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The only thing I found that wasn’t working was the scanline_weight and it seems that’s because USEGAUSSIAN was uncommented (dunno why /shrug). Re-commenting that brings it back.

I don’t have any luminance settings at all here. EDIT: OIC, that’s something that tatsuya added to the GLSL version.


Yep, that fixes that! Thanks :smiley:

Regarding crt-geom-deluxe, could the following options from crt-geom be added?

Scanline Weight
Interlacing Simulation

I’ve only looked at the slang version, so I don’t know if these are already included in the glsl version or if they should be added there, too.

@Tatsuya79 Any chance you might be able to add the luminance settings to the SLANG version of crt-geom?

Finally (I know, I’m a greedy SOB), is there an easy change to the code to make the sharpness adjustment more adjustable (instead of just low-medium-high)? Or is that just how it works?

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I got this on the one I’m using, and both parameters work fine outside of the gaussian beam profile.



There’s no GLSL version of geom-deluxe, IIRC, as it requires some slang-only features for things like phosphor persistence.

Alright, I added some parameters to geom-deluxe, but I couldn’t get the sharpness one to work. Not really sure why.


I got the sharpness working… Honestly if it still loaded after you made the changes to be able to adjust it, it probably worked (1.0 is the only different looking setting, 2.0-3.0 look practically the same.)

Load up Super Mario World and look at the blue text at the bottom of the title screen with it set to 1 then at 3. You’ll notice the edges are sharper at 3 then at 1. At first I didn’t think it was working properly when I made the changes personally but that’s how geom single-pass handles it as well (visually speaking.).

Yeah, that’s what I meant by it not working. Here, at least, 1 was sharpest, 2 was blurriest, then 3 was somewhere in between, IIRC, but it wasn’t even straight-up sharpness that was changing, so I figured it was better not to include it.

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So is sharpness just broken on all the slang versions of geom then?

No, it works on regular geom, just not geom-deluxe: