Crt-guest-dr-venom (slang) - White Screen

crt-guest-dr-venom shaders (updated, slang, glcore) are not working anymore. White screen.

crt-guest-sm (slang) and all crt-guest glsl are working.

Any ideia what it could be?


I am not getting this. I explicitly updated shaders to test your issue. Try deleting your shaders folder and redownload. If it is still happening, what video driver are you using (opengl, vulkan, gl1, glcore, etc.)?

Hi! The problem was caused because the driver used by the video card was the one installed by Windows 10 itself.




Now the only core that I can not apply the crt-guest-dr-venom (shows white screen) is the Flycast (0.1 e595af5). Maybe I have to “stock” some effects?



RetroArch 1.8.8, glcore.


@guest.r, do you have any idea what this might be?

Try turning off passes. That is, if there are 11 passes to start, turn it down to 10, apply changes, turn it down to 9, apply changes … until it stops being white. That should give you an idea of which pass is causing the problem.

If that doesn’t help, you can try replacing passes with the stock shader until you find the offending pass.

@hunterk, I tried to “stock” “afterglow” and “avg-lum”, but RetroArch returns the message “failed to load ‘preset_name.slangp’”.

shader5 = ../stock.slang
filter_linear5 = false
scale_type5 = source
scale5 = 1.0

Did you remember to keep the alias stuff?

Like this:

alias2 = WhitePointPass

I can’t remember if it actually matters but I recall breaking stuff by not keeping them. (I think, lol.) It’s been months.

I installed the latest driver for my video card, although beta, and the problem was solved.

Thanks, @hunterk and @Syh.


AMD or Nvidia? Just curious, lol.

An old Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6870. The last driver is from 2016.

I play only retro games, but I need to buy a better video card.

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