CRT-Pi-Curve dead horizontal line...NEED A FIXED VERSION

So I was fiddling with shaders, and found one that finally worked on the NESC. But it gives off a dead line on the side when in use.

I am not sure if it is the aesthetic its going for or that its not noticable when compared to using it on other versions of Retroarch(PC, iOS, Android, PS4, XBOX One, Switch, etc.)

Here is what I am talking about…

Any possibility of there being one that removes this? Like, a revised version of CTR-Pi-Curv???

I am running it from the NESC. It uses GLSL/GLSLP shaders. And testing it on Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES.

Anyone know who created this and examine it so it can be removed. I do love it, but that line is distracting.

S/NES Classic/Mini’s GPU has some unfortunate issues with precision, and this sort of thing is a common result.

If you use the non-curved version, does the problem persist?

It does not. Not even the vertical curve. Yet the movement of the game looks sort of slow and choppy even while I have Thread Video turned on. When I increase the Mask Brightness, it looks normal.