Crt-Royale Kurozumi Edition Help


It’s in the ‘presets’ directory


All I have in the presets folder are core specific settings I’ve saved.


dunno what to tell you:


Ah, found it! I was looking at the presets folder in the shaders directory, not the other presets folder in the crt sub-folder. Thanks for the assist.


I’ve been getting a bug whereby the top 1/2 of the screen has green bars. Doesn’t matter what core.


Is that screenshot supposed to show it? because it looks fine to me.


Hi, hunterk :sweat_smile:

Yes. You don’t see vertical pinstripes at the top 1/2 of the screen?


Ohhh, I see it now. It’s only visible on my crappy monitor from certain angles.

That said, I don’t know how the shader would cause that. Do any other shaders do it? What about non-kurozumi royale?


As far as I’ve tried, nothing else does this. crt-aperture, crt-geom, crt-lottes, crt-hyllian, etc they don’t do this. (I just deleted my shaders directory and re-downloaded the files but I get the same result).

Regular Royale doesn’t do this (OpenGL, btw)


I’m not sure what exactly causes this but setting Mask - Type to 2 or Mask - Sample Mode to 1 fixes this.


Oh boy that looks weird, i try to replicate that and see what’s causing it. On which Video Driver/Shader version does this happen?


Hi, Kurozumi. I use Driver: gl and GLSL shader inside the presets folder. As NecroPoster said, changing Sample mode to 1 fixes it but I’m not sure why.


So reading through this entire thread, can someone posts the recommended settings for a 4k display with this shader? Or is the current preset good enough? I’m confused if mask_triad_size_desired still needs a value of 3, and the convergence offsets require values of 0.


@Forscythe : The thing is, Mask_triad_size_desired scales with the resolution itself. That’s what makes it a little bit tricky to make it look nice for everyone. So f.e. if you have a resolution of 800x600 a value of 3 would look way coarser as the same value on 1080p. On 1440p a value of 3 would give a again a higher TV line look than on 1080p, that goes on and on with the resolutions.

So the BVMs have a pretty high TV line count (the vertical mask pitch/subpixel lines), about 900 or 1000+ (Consumer TVs of the late 80s / 90s had 480, or later 600 tv lines), which makes a good aperture grille emulation almost impossible until you get pretty high resolutions, in this case 2160p or more.

The standard value of 1 is absolutely fine, even at 4k, but the most accurate one would be a value of 3 at that resolution. Especially on a pretty big 4kTV you would recognize the difference, on a 75inch TV it looks like this:

If you look closely you can see each scanline is made out of tiny little vertical lines, if you had a value of 1, you wouldn’t see it. That’s why i wrote wayback , on less then 4k i would use a value of 1, on 4k or more i would use 3 .

As for the convergence, the values that are in the shader should be pretty accurate. Every BVM i’ve seen, even if it was tweaked and calibrated to death, never had the 100% perfect convergence. The “signature thing” going on the BVMs (the ones i’ve seen; and macro screenshots often tell the same) if something white on 240p is displayed you almost always have a slightly green top and a magenta bottom, even if the convergence otherwise is spot on. The values that are in there will give you that.

It’s the same thing with diffusion and halation, the 1000 line 16:9 one doesn’t have much of it, but if you don’t turn it on at all, it makes the shader look artificial… It’s kinda a bit tricky to make it really “right”, and please everyone.

But in the end, hey, you gotta have fun, so edit it to your liking :slight_smile:

@c9f5fdda06 (and maybe @hunterk ): I tried every renderer with every shaderversion i could. It has to be the combination of OpenGL and GLSL i guess, because if i recall correctly the slang version and the glsl version should be always the same. So if it breaks on slang, it should break on glsl, too.

The thing is, the only renderer i could choose the glsl version is gl, otherwise the shader file would not show, if i want to load it. But on all renderers the slang version works fine, that’s why i’m assuming what i’ve stated before, and why i think there’s something different going on.

I tried it with the regular royale, it’s broken too, you didn’t see it if you tried it, i know, but it seems it’s not the sample mode itself, it’s the halation weight. On regular Royale it’s off (if you turn it on one click, the same bug instantly appears), and what’s really weird about it, the bug scales vertically up and down with the TV lines you choose.

As far as a workaround for now, if i would be stuck on opengl, i would choose the cg version for now, or turn the halation value down to zero on your machine. My problem honestly is, i always try to help, if i can, and i could fix it sometimes or create workaround settings (when glsl and slang didn’t work right at all), but for the really weird stuff, @hunterk was “the hero”.

I’ll run some more tests, but at the moment i guess we search a needle in the haystack



First I wanted to shout out a big thanks to Kurozumi and HunterK for all their great work on this truly beautiful shader. :slight_smile:

Now on to my (very minor) problem… I’m trying to find the CG version of this shader but I’m not having any luck. I’ve downloaded the latest CG shaders update but even when I perform a search for “kurozumi” within the shaders_cg folder under Windows Explorer I can’t find any files related to this. That being said, I came across a separate “Quick explanation of shaders?” thread that HunterK responded to, in which he stated that CG is being depreciated, so is it possible that the CG version has recently been removed?

Thanks, Visor


It’s still in the Cg shaders:


Hi HunterK,

Thanks; I ended up finding it under …\shaders\shaders_cg\cgp. For some reason my Windows 10 File Manager search option failed to find it, even though it had no problem finding the similar files under the shaders_glsl and shaders_slang folders. Very weird.

Do you recommend the best version of this shader to use, or are they all pretty much identical at this point? I have a GTX 1080 Ti so processing power wouldn’t be an issue.

Also, I’ve been trying to get these shaders to work on FBAlpha for rotated games. I’ve ensured that I’m using integer scaling for both axes. The result is very stripy and uneven as per the example in the link below:

Is this working properly for you, or is this a known issue with rotated screens using FBAlpha?

Thanks, Visor


Vertical games always look weird with it for some reason. I’m not really sure why. I use crt-hyllian instead, which can go vertical without looking wrong.

The Cg version has support for curvature, which I could never get working in the slang/GLSL versions, and the the GLSL version has a weird striping issue with one of the mask_sample_mode settings, but otherwise, they should be similar/the same.


Thanks; I’ve tried out the hyllian shader but I’m not a fan of the grid-like look. I’ll see if I can find some documentation or a forum thread somewhere as to how to turn off the grid.


In the shader set PHOSPHOR to 0.0 instead of 1.0, that ought to do it.