Crt-Royale Kurozumi Edition Help


I think that’s just taking it to the default crt-royale settings.


Most casual gamers don’t own a CRT TV (especially a BVM/PVM) to compare CRT-Royale to.
I can say that my 29" Sony Trinitron looks much closer to the 900 line 20" BVM than the 450 20" one, that is the phosphors barely visible from 4 feet away.
It is intentional that Kurozumi preset is tuned to have minimal visible phosphors, just like you would (not) see on a real high line count BVM/PVM.

Another good way to approximate your CRT TV phosphor size is Dot Pitch.
I place a small ruler on the TV with white background and take a photograph with my phone, then count the number of triads in an inch.
The higher the number the less visible the phosphors will be with the same TV size.
BVM/PVM designed to be viewed at very close distances (hence monitor), unlike consumer TVs.

Here are two TV with similar horizontal DPI but different size.
The bigger TV will look less ‘phosphorized’ at normal viewing distances.
High line count BVM phosphors will not be visible at anything above 1 feet, that’s why Kurozumi’s preset matches a BVM experience at normal viewing distances.


Hi all, haven’t had much time to look into it lately, to busy at work. That vulkan/slang shot looks awful. Tried it at my system with the same core, slang looks good on my side, could it be a driver or an AMD related issue? Have no ATI/AMD card to try it, anyone here, who can test/confirm that?

Maybe if all AMD cards have swapped color channels, we can do a preset that swaps it back for the amd-slang guys? (If swapping colors is possible and easy to do)

The other thing on royale is, afaik it’s only working flawlessly as a cg-shader. On slang and glsl it’s not working completely (some settings are broken). A few months @hunterk worked really hard to get it up in shape, but if i recall correctly, since it’s a pretty complex shader as a whole, it would need it’s creators to completely port in all it’s glory. (and @hunterk really fixed some weird looking stuff, thanks again!)

This is why slang and and glsl kurozumi-royale run with what i would call “workaround settings”. Settings are very different than the cg-version, tried different parameters a few months back, and just matched as closely to cg as possible.

@James-F : That’s a really nice explanation you did there. To sum that up, the “preset-tuning” includes, that the settings work on a big variety of screens. It’s kinda insane how things can go south with different types of resolutions, gamma settings, aspect ratios and even panel types (i remember the milky banding blur on VA Panels).

Trying to get it as accurate as possible is obviously the point, but the #1 thing is to get it looking right on any display, regardless of the things named above!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi all, congratulatios for this excelent topic.

I am wondering if it is possible to use this shader in nvidia shield, wich as far as i know only support hlsl shaders.

Thank you.


If you mean the Shield ATV, it can use GLSL shaders with the GL video driver or slang shaders with the vulkan video driver. Both shader types have a kurozumi preset in the ‘presets’ directory.


Yes, its the atv. But I did not found the kurozumi preset in the shaders folder, there is only the crt royale and the royale fake bloom variants. I already run the online update, but still there is no kurozumi preset. Also, the crt royale dont work, it does no scanlines and no effect at all. All other presets does work fine but the royale doesnt.


Any way to make it more like KV-20FS12 (RGB) shown in this picture ?

Great job with the shader!


The default CRT-Royale settings already look pretty close to that.


I referring to have the pixels more rounded/defined (probably impossible because of the technology) :stuck_out_tongue: the default crt royale is not as good as this one :smiley: Looks awesome anyways


On the flipside, some people dislike professional BVM CRTs because they look like an emulator with simple scanlines.


Yup they look a bit too perfect but hey it is a lot better than any other shaders (for me) :stuck_out_tongue: most of the people played only on consumer crt tvs anyway


Actually, most people play retro games on typical PC LCD screens, not even LCD TVs.
IMO scanlines have nostalgic retro factor, not a part of gameplay.


I ment in the crt era :stuck_out_tongue: not these days


have you tried increasing ‘mask_triad_size_desired’ size? and the another way is go to the location of ‘crt\shaders\crt-royale\crt-royale-settings-files’; there is the one ‘user-settings.h’ file (forgot which one) have the exactly effect of what you want.


@Kurozumi Hey man, just did a big re-port to slang and everything should work except for geometry now, if you want to give it a shot. I made sure that mask_sample_mode worked as expected.

I also went through and prettied up the parameter names so it should be easier for people to tweak it themselves.

EDIT: hmm, still greenish with your settings vs the Cg version…

EDIT2: looks like it’s the convergence_y settings. If you zero them out, it goes back to normal. I know that’s an important effect for you, though. EDIT2.5: setting them to 0.1 / -0.1 / 0.1 for r,g,b looks more neutral but still not perfect.


This is exciting, but - greenish? Was this update supposed to more or less break the shader? I’m getting blurring, flickering and a significantly darkened screen in both bSNES balanced and Higan balanced, in addition to colors being off.


It should be better, as it was a more direct port than a hack-job to just get it working. It is darker, which I’m trying to track down why now. In the short term, you can go into user-settings.h and change line 136 levels_autodim_temp from 0.5 to 1.0 and that should brighten it up quite a bit in the meantime try setting beam_min_sigma to 0.15.

EDIT: alright, I tracked down the problem. It should be fine now, and I went ahead and updated the kurozumi preset to use the same settings as the Cg version. Now I just need to get the geometry working and it’ll be perfect (AFAIK) :slight_smile:


Strange. CRT-Royale seems fine now (as far as I can tell, I never use it), but Kurozumi still has the green tint and darkened screen going on.


If you’re using the shaders from the buildbot, give it a few hours. It may not have populated down to the online updater yet.


Uh, exciting news, i guess i give it a try :slight_smile: Edit: Give me some time, i’ll look into it on the weekend…