Crt Shaders integer scaling on or off?

I been using retroarch for so long and never knew about this integer scaling lol this is awesome. Love it!! I noticed on ps1 when i use 6x and 5x it cuts a bit in the lower part nothing major tho.


What settings are you using for x/y positions? As it uncentered with these settings.

EDIT: I’ve been ninja’d.

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There might be an issue with Genesis Plus GX; can you try saving a core-specific config for Genesis Plus GX and add this line:

custom_viewport_width = “1494”

That should be all it needs but it keeps defaulting the x axis to 0 when I do this.

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It’ll be a bit as I’m not on my PC at the moment.

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Nvm, I just re-did my configs and now it’s working fine :stuck_out_tongue: Carry on…

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Is there any overlay i can use for 6x6 gba?

Last time I played some GBA stuff, I used the gba landscape animated overlay at 4x integer. Since the GBA has that physical black border around the screen, it’s kinda pointless to put a realistic overlay around the game image unless there’s a lot of extra space.

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Thanks! I guess i’ll try that!

In case you are interested the Mega Bezel Shader does a lot of this kind of scaling and can give you a onscreen debug information about current screen size, integer scale multiples and final aspect ratio. So even if you don’t want to use the shader it can let you try out different sizes & integer scales easily.

I’ll probably add some options in the future to show what the retroarch custom aspect ratio values would be to help interactively figure out what you want

You can find the shader in the link below. There is a preset called hsm-mega-screen-scale-dr-guest-venom.slang that you can use if you want something which runs faster without any of the generated bezel stuff


Very nice features! Which mask/shader is being used in that Super Metroid shot?

It’s Guest-DrVenom with default settings except for using mask #7 and Slot Mask Strength 0.5



Wow that bezel shader looks awesome! I can’t get it to work tho, it says ‘‘Failed to load shader…’’ Not sure what am i doing wrong.

EDIT : Never mind got it to work! Looks really good, Nice work man! Thanks!

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I’m looking for a CRT shader with curvature that works well at 1080p with integer scale off. I trying “Easymode” but this one did not convince me. I like “crt-aperture” but it has no curvature. ¿Is there way to add curvature to “CRT-aperture” shader? ¿maybe manually?

I saw that some people recommend the “crt-guest-dr-venom” shader for 1080p no integer scale. What settings should I make in case of using this shader? Should I change the mask? what parameters should i change?

I’m testing the “crt-guest-dr-venom” shader with the “integer scale off”, with “curvature activated” and “mask type 3” Here a screenshot:

The question is, can curvature ruin the mask?

Yes, curvature always introduces moire artifacts and interferes with the mask/scanlines, there’s no way around it.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but, you recomend use crt-guest-dr-venom in 1080p, integer scale off, without curvature? If so, what mask should I use? What parameters do you recommend?

What does this screenshot look like to you? I using mask 3:

I appreciate your help.

There’s a thread full of this sort of info: Please show off what crt shaders can do!

nesguy has posted many settings. Probably best to start from the end and work your way back up instead of wading through the first 1500+ posts.


I will check it, thanks

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I started uploading my shader settings to github, it’s easier than copy/pasting settings at the end of every post :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be adding more in the next few days, have a bunch of stuff I’m working on, mostly glow variants.

EDIT: btw, you’ll need to download glass from Dogway’s github if you haven’t yet. You can replace glass with stock.slang, but then you lose the deconvergence stuff.


I’m running a resolution of 2880 x 1620 on a 4K TV, for performance.

I normally play with integer scaling enabled.

If I play a game via bsnes, 4:3, and fast PPU mode enabled via core options, is the unwanted “shimmering” present?

If so, what would be the recommended settings?

integer scaling and/or blur takes care of the shimmering thing.

For 1080p, I use a custom AR that’s 5x on the vertical scale, with a non-integer value for the horizontal to get a 4:3 ratio. Blur eliminates any scaling artifacts on the horizontal.