CRT shaders on DS games?

I’m about to start setting up DS emulation in RA and was curious about a couple of things.

Does anyone run crt shaders on DS games? (Planning on it if I can)

Does having both DS screens visible mess with shaders?

Is there a preferred core for DS emulation?

Hope to hear from you guys!

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I use CRT shaders on anything and everything :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems each screen is 240-px, so together they’re 480, which will trip up interlacing detection on some shaders and will make funky-looking scanlines on others. You’ll just have to play around with it.

Desmume (without a year) is probably what you’ll want most of the time, but melonDS is quite good, too.


Sounds like a great excuse to run hyllian-3D, lol.

I use handheld/retro-v2 as my default for DS games that are fine to play while displaying a single screen (with screen switch remapped to left trigger). I use simpletex for older handhelds, but DS looks a bit strange to me with that colored paper look. retro-v2’s grid seems a bit closer to how my DS Lite looked. For games where you need to see both screens at once, like Sonic Rush, I use an interpolation shader (bandlimit-pixel).

Desmume is the most usable DS core right now since it has so many options. But melonDS has less visual glitches and better sound quality. It’s only missing a screen switch retropad button, analog stick touchscreen cursor control and cursor hide support to keep me from switching to it yet.

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